Windows 10 Woes

Today I just want to talk about Windows 10, or rather, warn people to stay away from it!

I was happily using Windows 7 since I built my computer about 4 or 5 years ago. But ever since Windows 10 came out with its limited time free download, which ends July 29th by the way, every day some pop up telling me to get it annoyed me. After months, I finally got fed up with it. I saw that it was possible to revert back to your old operating system if you did not like it, and it was free, so what did I have to lose.

So here it what happened. The user interface is completely changed from Windows 7, but that is to be expected, though it is a lot harder to find things, making everything needlessly condensed and impossible to find.

Windows 10 claimed it was faster, which at first was true, but ever since getting it, my computer has been slowing down day by day, occasionally, like this morning, being impossible to use.

Other infuriating differences are that now every other time I turn my computer on, it does not connect to the internet, and tells me to install my Netgear device, even though its plugged into the back and installed. Never had an issue with this until Windows 10. So to fix it I have to restart the computer, then it works. The next time I turn my computer on it will succeed in connecting, but the next time it will not. And so I am stuck in this abysmal pattern.

Another thing that has gone horribly wrong with since “upgrading” to Windows 10 is that every time the computer goes to sleep either manually or on its on, when you try to wake it up, my tower lights up and starts to booot up, but then it shuts off. However my keyboard and mouse light up and will stay lit up forever if I never turned my computer back on again. Once I press the button, the computer starts up just the way I left it before it fell asleep.

The final unbelievably annoying thing about Windows 10 is the seemingly mandatory password screen when you start the computer. I’ve searched and searched through the computer, messing around with all the settings, but I can not seem to find a way to turn this off and just have the computer boot up without inputting a password. I have been too lazy to google if there is a way, but my point is, it should not be so cryptic, that after 2 hours of looking, I can not find a way to stop it.

So naturally, after hating every time I’ve used my computer since getting Windows 10, I have been wanting to revert back to Windows 7. I found out how to do it, but never had the time or thought to do it. I finally did the other day, but that option to revert with everything in tact was no longer there. I was furious. So I looked up what happened, and it would seem you have only one month to revert. Nothing ever gave me a heads up about this, and now the only way to get back to Windows 7 is to reinstall it with the disc, which probably means I will have to reinstall all my apps and files and what not again, and that is just not worth it.

If you have Windows 8, they say this is a good upgrade. If you have Windows 7, I would recommend getting it before July 29th for free, and then IMMEDIATELY reverting back to 7. You will always have Windows 10 after “upgrading” even though it’s free, so you can move back up to Windows 10 for free any time you want, though right now there is no reason to.

PS My wife hates it too

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