Warcraft Movie: My Thoughts (Spoiler Free)

I finally got out to see Warcraft earlier in the week. Going in, I did not really expect much. The trailers all looked awesome, but I was weary from how long it took to make the movie, which really just hints at production nightmares, usually resulting in a frustrated and rushed out finished product.

The reviews for the movie confirmed my suspicions, as I have yet to see a good one. My brother saw it when it first opened and he and a few buddies of mine all loved it, claiming it was “the best movie ever” or “its better than Lord of the Rings.”

So here are my thoughts.

It was good. It was far from great, but far from bad too. If you are not familiar with the games and the Warcraft lore, you definitely will not appreciate the movie as much, but you could easily understand and follow the movie, with no problems. Fans of the game just get the added bonus of say “Oh hey, it’s him!” and “Oh wow, the cities look so accurate!”

Which they really did. Any location pulled from World of Warcraft looked incredible, down to all the buildings. The orcs looked great too, making them look like the Grunts from all three games, which is great fan service. They also had many other different looking ones as well.

The action scenes were really fun to watch as well, though I felt there weren’t enough of them.

The acting at times wasn’t all that great, but is easy enough to look past.

The story was decent, though not really as deep as it should have been.

Overall, it was enjoyable and really made me want to go back and play all the games again.

Is it the best movie ever? Not at all. Is it better than Lord of the Rings? Good lord! Not even close! I wondered why everyone I knew was comparing this movie to those, but upon watching I did pick up on a scene or two that would definitely remind you of LotR. That and the whole orcs vs. humans conflict and the same mythical world that they take place in, so it does make sense.

But the movie definitely does not deserve all the bad ratings it has received. I would certainly recommend it to any Warcraft fan. To those who don’t know the games, I would wait until it comes out on DVD so you could just rent it or buy it for a cheap price eventually.


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