Why Job Interviews Are Ridiculous and Pointless

Most jobs have an extended, ridiculous interview process that is unbelievably redundant and unfair. Companies do this to make sure they find the best possible candidate for the position that needs filling. But ironically, I feel they are failing miserably with the horrible way people go through an application process.

I am not speaking about every company of course, for I don’t know how a lot of them go through their individual processes, and I have never interviewed for some super severe, big paying jobs, but the jobs I have interviewed for, I can’t help but feel a lot of them end up hiring the worst employees possible.

Many companies have you fill out an online questionnaire or something of the sort. These generally consist of stupid, pointless questions like “What would you do in this situation” or “what is the best quality about yourself.” Sometimes you can fill in answers, other times you have multiple choice styled questions.

But to successfully pass these, you must not answer any of these questions remotely honestly. You just put down what the company wants to hear. You pick the answers that look best. In other words, the most artistic writers and best liars advance to the next step which is generally some sort of phone interview…

These phone interviews basically consist of basic questions and talk a bit more detail about your resume. I think the companies are just trying to see how well you speak, how quick you can answer, find out if you weren’t lying on your resume, and overall just find out if you are a bumbling idiot or not.

If you pass that, it’s on to the personal interview(s), where you sit in front of a panel of people who immediately judge you on how well groomed you are, and how nice your best suit jacket is…not to mention how dazzling your best fake smile is.

Now they ask you ridiculous questions usually in the form of “talk about some time in your life…some situation” that likely never happened to you, but if you say so, you might as well get up and walk out. And so the interviewers must judge on how quickly you invent a story complete with a crazy situation, a serious problem, and how you fixed it single-handedly and came out looking like a super hero. Do this a few more times and you’re golden. But do forgot to smile the whole time and show off how charming your personality is.

This is all great for like desk jobs and stuff (meh, not really), but you must go through the same process for manual labor jobs as well. So instead of them trialing people to see how efficient they are while they demonstrate their work ethic and ability to learn and improve, companies just hire these good looking people who can speak nice and flash a toothy smile.

That is why so many employees are lazy, stupid, worthless wastes of company time and money. But somehow, it seems a lot of the time that these are all the people who move up in the company, because they brown nose and are so worthless at their jobs that maybe they will do better in a higher position “more suitable for their skill set and personality.”

I don’t know, I’m just rambling, but all I’m trying to say is jobs should be looking into how well someone can work, not how nice they look and how many volunteer hours they’ve done and how many certificates they’ve collected.

Oh, and companies should stop asking for people with 5 years experience, two degrees and a whole bunch of other crap, then maybe some decent folk could actually get jobs. But companies demand people with unrealistic qualifications, their expectations so high, that the further you are from them, the more useless trash you appear to the company you want to work for.

Oh, and so many companies say “We will let you know if you get it or not!” I have heard this personally and from many other people telling me about their own interviews and it seems that maybe 2 out of 10 companies will actually tell you that you did not get the job.”

Just more proof the biggest liars are working/running these companies.

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