Tournament Of Hotties: Bond Girls Semi-Finals

Welcome to the semi-finals. 7 of the dozens of women Bond has made sweet love to have fought and clawed their way here. Due to an uneven amount of girls, 3 will make it to the finals, where they will battle to see who the hottest Bond girl of all time is! Check out the rest of the tournament listed here. Now let’s get to it!


Bout #1


Honey Ryder (Dr. No)

honey ryder 2




domino wave

Domino (Thunder Ball)


Dang. Right away we have two fierce hotties.

Honey Ryder is a smoking hot blond. Let’s take a look. So far we have only seen pictures of her bikini clad self from the movie for the most part. Let’s branch out a bit today.


Sexy throughout her whole life. Age means nothing for this beloved beauty.



A sexy brunette with an adorable smile.


Both of these women have absolutely earned the right to make it this far. Both have amazing bodies and incredibly good looks. But only one may advance and we all know who it is…



ursula andress 6

Honey Ryder (Dr. No)



Bout #2


Solitaire (Live and Let Die)

solitaire pose tie




anya poster

Anya Amasova (The Spy Who Loved Me)


Solitaire is so innocent (partially due to her character) but super hot as well. Her low cut outfits always make viewers drool a bit…


Turns out she is even more smoking outside of the Bond movie. And age hasn’t really slowed her down either. She is incredibly sexy in that one picture where she is older.


But let’s see what Anya has to say about it.



Another beautiful woman. Also just discovered she’s not one to shy away from showing some boob, which is big bonus points.


This is a tough one. Both women are incredibly hot, but I think this one pushes ahead ever so slightly.



jane seymour 3

Solitaire (Live and Let Die)



Bout #3


We’ve got a 3’fer for this one.


Ploa Ivanova (A View To A Kill)

pola boo




christmas jones walk

Dr. Christmas Jones

(The World Is Not Enough)




Miranda Frost-Die-Another-Day-ice-palace-bed-scene-bond-girls-40324827-690-450


Miranda Frost (Die Another Day)


This is the battle of the blonds! Which of these three hotties will advance to the finals? I guess we’ll have to check out some pictures.


Pola looks great in a hot tub. Let’s see how she looks in clothes.

Sorry…isn’t too much on her.


Next up is Christmas…yes I resisted the urge to make a Christmas joke.


Next is good ol’ Miranda!




Alright, there is a clear first, second and third here.

Right away, looking at these 3 women, Pola is easily the worst looking out of all of them.

Miranda is very sexy, but there is something missing from her…I can’t tell what though. She’s hot enough to have made it this far, but I don’t know what it is that is holding her back.

This leaves an almost easy win for Ms. Christmas!




Dr. Christmas Jones

(The World Is Not Enough)


Alright, at long last we have our 3 finalists! See you in the finals!




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