When Did Getting Off School Buses Become Such a Project?

Anyone forced to sit behind a school bus on a regular basis knows what I’m talking about.

First off, buses stop like every other house now. What happened to bus stops? It really adds a lot to your commute when a bus stops 9 times on the same street.

But once that bus does stop, you are in for a long wait. This isn’t really an issue for the high school buses, but more the elementary kids.

In my community particularly, the bus will stop, like 10 seconds go by, some kids get off, finally. Then there’s a long pause, a few more get off, a 20 second pause, a few more get off, so on and so forth. (Note that this is an actual bus stop).

The longest I have sat at a bus stop is four minutes, that I’ve timed anyway.

FOUR MINUTES! For something that should take 30 seconds on a slow day!

What the heck are these kids doing!?!?!

When I was a kid, I remember all the kids got up and moved to the front of the bus before it even stopped.

Nowadays, it’s like the kids are completely clueless, and they have to spend a few minutes confirming that they are actually where they are supposed to get off.

And to make matters worse, almost every single parent comes to get their kids, and almost every one of those parents has to talk to the bus driver when their kid gets on, and when they get off. What could they possibly have to say to the bus driver? And some of them talk for a really long time while the cars pile up behind the school bus.

Seriously, I can’t see much more than a conversation of “hi, was he behaved?” Yes.” “Okay, bye.”

And that’s for more problematic children. But then again, if I had a kid who was too stupid to get off the bus in a timely manner, then maybe I’d be a little worried too!

Another thing I noticed, which has kind of always been a thing, is the parents always take their kids to the bus stops, whether it be an actual one, or just at the end of their driveway. This I can understand, but come on, I see teenagers being escorted by their parents, and they wait with them, probably so they can talk to the bus driver for 10 minutes.

I find this hard to cope with, because my mother only waited with me and got me off the bus my first few months of preschool. But all the bus stops I had, thinking back on it, most of the kids had parent escorts up until high school. WTF!!!


And also, parents, stop coddling your precious little ones so much. You’re not doing them any favors. Or the country for that matter, but I don’t feel like going into detail about that…


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