The Sad Case of Emma Watson

This is the tragic tale of someone who had the potential to be one of the most beautiful women in the world…but it just didn’t happen.

Okay, allow me to explain. Emma Watson was introduced to most of the world when the first Harry Potter movie came out. The world watched her, along with all the other child actors, grow up through this series of movies.

If her Wikipedia page is correct, then I am 10 months older than Ms. Watson, so in a way, I was growing up right beside her, and by this I mean, she was my peer from another continent, and a girl I would be interested in, seeing as we were the same age.

In the first two movies, she was nothing to look at, being so young. But I remember when the third movie came out, I was like “dang, Hermione is beautiful. If she’s this hot now, I can’t imagine how good looking she’ll be as an adult.”

emma watson poa

Sure, now it looks like she’s a little kid, but remember, at the time so was I, and she was better looking than most girls in my school…by far. (Professional make-up tends to do that…) It was at this time she began to mature into a woman, and it was really exciting to see.

I mean, look how much older she looks compared to the previous movie.

emma watson cos

As the years went by, I watched her in each movie, hating the movies generally, but admiring Emma Watson’s good looks.

But by the fifth or sixth movie, I began to notice something, and it was confirmed by the final movies…The woman I expected her to grow up to never came to pass.

Her body never fully developed. She never grew boobs, a butt, any type of womanly growth she was supposed to get in her teen years didn’t really happen. In fact, she just looks a little older and taller by the seventh movie, the rest of her body looks exactly the same as in the third movie.

Seriously! This is her when she’s 13 and when she’s 20. The only differences when she’s 20 is she looks older and a bit taller and broader. It’s tragic, but her body just never reached it’s full potential. Maybe she was huffing too many potion fumes?

By the sixth movie, I lost all interest in her looks. By this time, most of the girls in my high school, and then college, were far better looking than her, and actually had things to look at on them.

Don’t get me wrong though, she’s still a good looking girl, at least when it comes to her face and hair, but as a whole package, she’s not much.

And then when the movies were all done, she made the worst mistake she possibly could. You know what I’m talking about.

emma watson haircut

Yuck! She took away her best and only feminine feature. I can’t even look at this picture for more than a second without getting disgusted!

I haven’t really seen anything on her in some time, but I think her hair grew back, but her body remains the same.

But hey, she can still be hot…here’s proof.

emma watson-smile

Emma Watson shows off her tiny stomach in revealing costume during the filming of "The Bling Ring" in Los Angeles

emma watson black dress

emma watson bikini

She looks gorgeous and sexy in these pictures, but then again, what woman with a decent figure wouldn’t, dressed liked that?

Really, picture any other woman you’re attracted to in these clothes, and that’s when it hits that maybe she doesn’t look that great after all. I personally would much rather see an infinite number of woman in her place here.

In fact, these pictures may not even be real! I know there’s a lot of fake photos of her face on other women with better bodies, because clearly other people had the same wishes as I did.

I am in no way bashing or insulting Emma Watson for her unfortunate physique. It’s not her fault. And her body is nice and slender, so that’s a plus. It appears she takes care of what little she has anyway.

All I’m saying is what a disappointment it was to see each movie after the third and not see her develop into one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Poor Emma, I had such high hopes for you!

9 thoughts on “The Sad Case of Emma Watson

  1. Oh, so now she has no value because you can’t ogle at her breasts and butt? Poor you! (That was sarcasm, by the way.)


  2. Absolute misogynistic scum. You make me so sick and I feel terrible for any woman who has ever been involved with you. Although judging by the contents of this article, I can’t seem to think there would be that many.


  3. Excuse me?! This is rude, disrespectful, and mockery! Emma is a proud women who feels comfortable in her own skin, and you are the exact type of person she stands against. Emma fights for women because of people like you who only look at women (and men) for their ‘attractive body features’.


      • Um no. It is NOT “basic human instinct”, and some people were just RAISED not to think of people only for their looks. With every word you write on this page i just get more and more disgusted by you. I just have to ask, do you think this article is nice? Or respectful? It’s sad that your parents never taught you that if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. I just wanted to let you know you’re living in the 16th century, when women were only thought of for their looks.
        I strongly advise you to look up “emma watson speech” and listen to all of them.


      • 1. I will never believe you or anyone else on this planet has never judged someone by their looks. I am not referring to judgements on personality and their lives (although that certainly does happen), just simply the way a person appears. Society as a whole holds appearances very highly, and pretty much everything I have witnessed in my life has encouraged and supported that. Everything from career selection/job placement, to something as simple as social cliques/popularity.

        2. I will not be looking up any speeches by her, though I thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, her life and what she does with it is of no interest to me, especially since I have not and will not ever meet her in person. That being said, it shouldn’t be surprising that the only things I would look at in regards to her is her appearance and acting ability, since that’s all I will ever see of her. (She does put on a mean California accent, I must say).
        If you notice, I said nothing of her personal accomplishments, life, or personality, because as I said, I don’t know and don’t care what they are.

        3. What I don’t care for even more is your level of disgust with me, so feel free to crank it up!

        4. To answer your question, no I don’t think the article is nice or respectful. It just addresses the oddities of human anatomy and disappointment of failed expectations at the expense of one person’s physical attributes.


  4. You, my good sir, are a moron. If you like a fat @$$ and massive b00bs then by all means go find that elsewhere. Emma Watson is one of the most distinctly beautiful women on the world stage today, She has a classic dignity and elegance to her and she always presents in a way that is flattering to her god-given form. How you define “beauty” is by no means the standard.

    After looking at your extremely anime-heavy post history perhaps you should stick to drawn women and leave the real women to men who like such things.


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