Laws for the Sake of Having Laws: Stopping At Railroad Crossings

This law is so entirely stupid and pointless. School buses, propane trucks, any vehicle with the potential to explode, or carry kids that aren’t yours are all required to stop at railroad crossings.


I mean, I get why, but come on. Half the tracks in the world, at least around where I live, aren’t even used, or they are only overnight, like once a month. What’s more, is they have the gates and the flashing red lights and all that.

I get that these vehicles are supposed to stop in case these precautions malfunction, but the likelihood of a train actually zooming by at their time of crossing is so unfathomably small, it’s not really worth making pointless laws over. Besides, half of these train tracks you can’t even see very far down, due to bends in the tracks or trees and other such foliage.

I write this not in the hopes that things explode or children massacred, but just because of the unbelievable amounts of traffic this causes.

There are several RR crossings near me that cross busy highways, combine that with rush hour traffic and a a dozen buses, and just as many flammable trucks, and you’ve got yourself an extra 30 minutes of traffic to sit in.

Some of these drivers are cool and just kind of stop for a second and move on, but others, most of the buses, stop and I guess they have to wait 10 seconds legally before rolling on. What an absurdly long time! Especially when there’s a copious amount of buses sitting in front of you.

And they say trains move so fast, if you see one when crossing, you will likely get hit, especially if you’re driving a slow moving bus or truck. So why in the heck would they sit there for 10 seconds!?!? If there’s nothing going on when you pull up, then haul it over the tracks. If they continued at regular speed, they would cross the track in a second or two. But now they have to stop, then slowly build up speed going over it, essentially tripling the time crossing the tracks.

If a train was going to meet you in that second of crossing at normal speed, the driver would likely see or hear the train and stop anyway. So why in the world do they have to stop at all????

To me, it’s more dangerous, it’s more frustrating for other drivers, and creates more dangers due to the massive amounts of traffic it causes.

I hate when we have laws for the sake of having laws, and this is a huge one, just as stupid as the requirement of coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, even when you can clearly see no one is coming.

F these stupid jokes of laws.


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