The Best Inventions Of All Time

Throughout history, humans have climbed to the top of the food chain thanks to our innovative brains and thus, the inventions we have created. I am going to make a list of some of the more impressive inventions that have ever been created in my opinion These are also most certainly things we take for granted today.



I don’t know how someone can even begin to discover electricity, but it’s certainly an amazing invention that runs the world.

The Telephone

telephoneTelephones baffle me. How does talking into something send your voice over entire continents with little to no delay via a bunch of cables? Needless to say, this was a game-changer, and continues to thrive today, going from at least one in every household to one in every pocket/purse.

Caller ID

caller id

Remember these? The first one we ever owned looked much like the one pictured above. Before then, I would talk about this idea with my brothers, but thought it would never happen.

“Imagine if the phone could tell you who’s calling, and give you the phone number of who’s calling?”

That was just a far-off fantasy. Oddly, enough, Caller ID is something people take for granted and anyone born after the 90’s probably can’t even begin to imagine that something seemingly so simple was never around until the last 25 years or so. Now it’s built right into phones, but originally it was a separate box you had to connect to the phone and stored I think like 50 numbers, so you had to sit there and delete them all the time.

This invention was a game-changer. Now you didn’t have to answer the phone and hope to God it wasn’t a telemarketer or someone you didn’t know. It took all surprise out of using the telephone.



There are countless kinds of pie. You can basically throw anything you want in between some dough, bake it, and bam, you’ve got the most delicious thing ever. Like seriously. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad pie. And they’re so versatile, they make appropriate ones for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. With Thanksgiving approaching, you can bet I’m looking forward to a whole lot of pie-feasting.



Oh my God, doughnuts. So unhealthy, yet so delicious. They come in all shapes, sizes, flavors, colors, toppings, fillings…oh man! Like pies, each one is delicious. A truly irresistible delicacy.



These were a huge development for transportation. Once upon a time, most people were walking or using horses, now there are as many vehicles as people on the planet. What would take several hours to walk, now takes several minutes.

Like seriously. Every time I look under the hood of an automobile, I’m like “How in the heck did someone invent this?”

It’s just too bad people are so awful at operating them. And now traffic is a major problem, but hey, it beats riding a horse 50 miles in the elements instead!



To think man could ever take to the sky! Many people I imagine believed this could never be done. And yet now it’s the fastest way to travel! Like automobiles, I can not believe they exist. Look at the original plane up there. How did that turn into the massive commercial liners we see floating above us all the time? Not to mention the fighters that can fly at the speed of sound and all that. Absolutely remarkable.


bikini model

A few slight pieces of cloth over the right areas, and women can legally walk around just about naked. They come in all shapes and sizes, thus some show off more than others. But even the most preservative bikinis still leave little to the imagination. Thanks to these, going to a pool or beach is like living in an erotic fantasy.



This is another thing I talked about as a kid but never thought would happen. “Imagine there was something in your car that would tell you where to go?” I would say. Well blam-o. GPS was born, but not until I was in high school, and I didn’t get one until I graduated college, and it was every bit as wonderful as I could ever hope. I used to be terrified of going on long journeys, because I hated reading maps and missing a turn if using something like mapquest could mean utter disaster. But GPS changed all that, and thanks to this wonderful invention, I had two careers that involved driving all over the place every day.

Nowadays, they are taken for granted, as they are slapped right in with your car or phone now, but originally, they were a very expensive piece of hardware you had to suction cup to your windshield.

Yoga Pants

yoga pants

I’ve noticed women now refer to these as “leggings” while most men call them yoga pants.

Yoga pants first came out when I was in high school, but they were much different. They were a soft, cozy looking fabric that were loose around the legs, but very tight around the butt. Eventually, companies started putting words on the butts, like “babe” or “hot.,” as if the butt hugging pants weren’t enough to get guys to look at them.

After a few years, yoga pants changed to skin tight, body hugging pants that leave little to the imagination. Nowadays, at least where I live, this is all women wear. This is both an amazing thing, and a not so amazing thing. If the girls got a great figure, and particularly a nice tush, then you’ll be surely  be drooling. 

But I did say every woman wears these, so when an overly obese 60-year-old woman walks by, it’s going to ruin your day.

But thanks to yoga pants or leggings, pretty much going anywhere has now become a pleasant treat.


Global communication network concept.

The internet is amazing and terrifying. For bad people, it makes it super easy to ruin good peoples lives. For everyone though, it brings the world to your finger tips. Communication, knowledge, entertainment, everything is a few clicks away now. It’s also terrifying how dependent we are on it nowadays, and that is coming from someone who doesn’t use it nearly as often as most people.

Again, this is something that most people take for granted. Internet did not become a household thing until the 2000’s. I myself got it in 2000 I believe. It’s crazy to think how much the internet has grown since then, and how much easier it is to use. People who had dial-up internet know what I’m talking about…

It won’t be long until the internet completely dominates our lives, if it hasn’t already that is…



Like damn. This is basically a pie, but with an Italian twist. An assortment of cheeses, vegetables, meats, sauces… pretty much whatever you want, all baked or fried in a delicious dough. So good but so unhealthy.



From towering skyscrapers to gigantic complexes to the houses we live in, I find building construction fascinating. Like cars, looking at these enormous buildings makes me wonder how humans even began to build them. It’s fascinating stuff, I tell you.


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