Tournament of Hotties: Dragon Ball (Round 1, Part 4) [Winners Revealed!]

Welcome back to ToH! We’re going to show some love for some animated beauties from my favorite show of all time, Dragon Ball! This tournament will encompass women from all the series (DB, Z, GT, S).

The women selected had to have at least a few lines and have their name mentioned at some point in the show (mostly). So you will see a ton of girls throughout this tournament.

And trying out something new here. Now you can vote for your favorite girl each bout. Maybe your favorite will make it to the finals?

Check out part 1, 2, and 3 to see which of the hottest Dragon Ball characters have advanced so far.

We’ve got the last batch of women appearing in this part! Who will make the cut?


Bout #20

Rylibeu Vs Cocotte

Two more fighters that met head to head in a tournament of power. Neither proved strong enough to survive that tournament, but are they hot enough to survive this one?

Rylibeu is some kind of butterfly woman with a cute face.

Cocotte is the only female member of the Pride Troopers, which means she gets to don a skin tight uniform, which for a woman with her figure, is a very good thing.



dragon ball cocotte bikini



Bout #21

Kefla VS Pan

Two women from part 3 are back, but this time as one person! That’s right, Kefla is the fusion of those sexy Saiyan sisters Kale and Caulifla. Not only is she super strong, but she’s absolutely gorgeous.

Pan is the daughter of Videl and Gohan, and probably a bit too young to be here. But since she’s pretty sexualized in GT and a main character, I figured it best not to leave her out. Plus age isn’t really a thing when you’re a drawn character.



dragon ball kefla battered



Bout #22

Bulla Vs Leena

Bulla is even younger than Pan, yet she dresses like a hooker and looks older than Bulma did at the start of Dragon Ball so it’s okay. In case you didn’t notice, she inherited all of Bulma’s good looks, and probably Vegeta’s strength.

Leena is some princess being forced to marry some monster on a faraway planet. She isn’t all that good-looking, but she exposes a good amount of her belly, and that’s big points!


dragon ball bulla red bikini



We’ve only got three more women left, so we’ve got a triple battle to finish off round 1!

Bout #23

Valese Vs Marron Vs Oceanus Shenron

Valese is Goten’s beautiful girlfriend who looks great in a slim yellow dress. Treat her to some ice cream and she’s a sure thing.

Marron is the daughter of Android 18 and Krillin and has inherited the looks of her mother, rather than her father, fortunately.

Oceanus Shenron is an evil dragon who would rather destroy the world than make your wishes come true. One wish comes to the forefront of our minds with her though. Too bad we’d be obliterated before even voicing it.



dragon ball valese tattered




And that is it for Round 1! The mass of women have been sifted through. Things should start to heat up in round 2!


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