Tournament of Hotties: Soulcalibur- Round 2 (Winners Revealed!)

I was requested to do this one, so here goes. My experience with Soulcalibur is very limited. I played Soulcalibur II for GameCube quite extensively, and played Soulcalibur III on PS2 for a few hours, and that was all like 15 years ago, so I don’t remember much, but I’ll do my best. I do remember there being flying skirts, big, bouncing boobs, and a lot of revealing outfits, so that’s a formula I can work with in any case. Alright, let’s see how these weapon-wielding wonders stack up!

Check out round 1 part 1 and 2, and then let’s see which of these hotties are the hottest of the hot!


Bout #1




We’ve got an innocent-looking yet sexy blonde versus the dirty and delightful, bdsm practicing Ivy! Let’s check them out.

Phew! That tiny skirt is too much!

There is nothing tiny about Ivy though, except for her clothes…

While Sophitia teases us with that little skirt and light dress that shows off her chest, Ivy shows us everything while managing to be legal somehow.

Here’s some more food for thought.



soul calibur ivy 25




Bout #2




Next is the pretty and proper, yet most likely wild Cassandra facing off against the also beautiful and less reserved, yet probably not as wild Talim. I don’t know what they really are like though, but they are both hot, that’s for sure!

Talim with her dark hair and darker skin is like the opposite of Cassandra’s shining blond hair and pale skin.



soul calibur talim 24



Bout #3





The terrifying Tira would be more scary than hot if she didn’t show off so much of her incredible body. But actually she’s got a pretty face underneath all her make-up (if that is make-up) and her silly blue hair.

Then angelic Elysium just haphazardly throws a practically see-through sheet over her in the morning and calls it a day.

And it’s hot.

Turns out Elysium doesn’t get much love out there in the world, so I had to reuse some pics.



soul calibur tira 24







The spicy sexy blond Natsu in her skin tight garb is first. Let’s check her out!


Now let’s check out the sexy fortune teller lady. She seems to really know how to handle balls…



soul calibur viola 32


That’s it for round 2! We’ve got out four semi-finalists!

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