Tournament of Hotties: Soulcalibur- Semi-Finals (Winners Revealed!)

I was requested to do this one, so here goes. My experience with Soulcalibur is very limited. I played Soulcalibur II for GameCube quite extensively, and played Soulcalibur III on PS2 for a few hours, and that was all like 15 years ago, so I don’t remember much, but I’ll do my best. I do remember there being flying skirts, big, bouncing boobs, and a lot of revealing outfits, so that’s a formula I can work with in any case. Alright, let’s see how these weapon-wielding wonders stack up!

We’re down to the last four beauties! Which two will fight their way to the top!?

Check out the rest of the tournament listed here, now let’s get to some hotties!






These women are easily two of the hottest in the tournament, largely in part to the fact that they like to show off some skin, though compared to Ivy, Talim looks like she’s in a baggy sweat suit.

Let’s give a round of applause to the people who designed Ivy, and especially to all the wonderful women who cosplay her.

Talim is stunning as well.




And here are our other two semi-finalists!






First up is the creepy yet sexy Tira!

She really likes to show off her boobies, and that’s okay with us!

As for Viola, there isn’t too much on her, so I’m going to have to reuse some pics…





All right, that’s it. Ivy and Viola will face off in the finals!.

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