I Feel Plain Awful For The Editors Of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”

I don’t how much is scripted or how organized such a show is, but imagine having to sift through countless hours of people going on vacation, talking, eating, complaining, or doing nothing at all. Then throw in those parts where they talk to the camera about what they were just talking about before. God, it sounds mundane and dreadful.

And the bleeps! God, all I hear when my wife watches that show is hundreds of bleeped out curses. That must take a good long while too.

All in all, the crew must have to watch each episode like 100 times, and that’s enough to make even the greatest fans of the show cringe.

And to top it all off, with the show ending soon, the editor’s are losing out on their long gig they had going. Don’t worry, y’all will find something else! And it might make you want to shoot yourself a little less…

Dave Filoni is Confirmed To Be In A Position That Could Have Saved The Star Wars Sequels

According to Lucasfilm, Dave Filoni has been Executive Creative Director for several months, since last summer to be exact.

To anyone who has seen his work, this is great news. Dave Filoni is basically George Lucas 2.0 and is known for creating content adored by Star Wars fans for the simple fact that he tells stories borrowing from existing lore, such as characters, items, and awesome little nods to all things Star Wars. In short, the guy gives fans what they want, because he clearly is a fan of the franchise, and understands it and it’s fanbase more than most.

Things that could not be said for literally everyone involved in the decision-making for the recent sequels. As stand-alone films, they’re fine. They just seem to literally go out of their way to make sure these movies were anything but what fans wanted, under the guise that as long as Han, Luke, and Leia are in them, they’ll be hits. And let’s face it, Disney had dollars signs in it’s eyes after buying the enormously popular franchise, so we can’t really blame them for rushing into a new trilogy.

But if you’ve seen Filoni’s works, such as The Clone Wars, The Bad Batch, The Mandolorian, then you know what this man is capable of. Now just take a moment to imagine him being the head of the sequel trilogy.

Yeah. They probably would have been the best trilogy of the three.

That famous scene at the end of Mando season 2 is proof enough.

It really bums me out, knowing what he could have done, but hey, he’s got like a dozen or more projects in the works, so I am excited for the franchises future!

10 Of The Most Epic Moments In The Dragon Ball Anime Series’

I was going to say top 10 most epic moments, but let’s face it, nearly every episode has at least 5-10 epic moments within, so picking the top 10 was pretty much impossible. So these 10 listed are some of the most epic, but I can’t say with any real certainty if they are in fact the top 10. Regardless, these moments really got my blood flowing.

I will be excluding the Tournament of Power arc in this one, because that whole thing is just unbelievably epic, so the top 10 on this list would likely all come from that arc alone. So I guess you could say that’s the number one spot in a way.

But anyway, here are 10 of the most epic moments in the four Dragon Ball animes (in my opinion).


#10: Goku’s First Full Episode As A Super Saiyan (Dragon Ball Z)

Why This Moment is So Epic: For like 20 episodes, we watched Frieza decimate the Z-fighters. And when any of them managed to gain ground, he would transform and become even more relentlessly powerful. Even when Goku finally steps in, he is outmatched tremendously.

The entire situation seems hopeless. This is especially confirmed when Frieza survives the enormous Spirit Bomb, Goku’s trump card.

But when his lil’ buddy goes boom and Goku transforms for the first time, the following episode (when they actually start fighting) shows Goku with his new Super Saiyan power actually overwhelm Frieza, outclassing him in every way. The feeling is truly wonderful, and relieving, and oh so epic.


#9: Gohan Vs Goku (Dragon Ball Super)


Why This Moment is So Epic: Let’s face it. We’ve always been curious how Gohan would fare in a fight against Goku ever since the former became a Super Saiyan 2, but especially when he reached his Ultimate Form during the Majin Buu saga.

DBS fulfills this wish with a sparring match of father vs son, so Goku can test Gohan to see if he is ready for the Tournament of Power. The fight is short, but is filled to the brim with intensity and epicness.


#8 Goku Transforming Into Super Saiyan 3 For The First Time (Dragon Ball Z)


Why This Moment is So Epic: The fact that Goku starts off showing Buu all his other forms is awesome. And if you remember the first time you watched it, in the back of your mind you’re thinking, “Wait, is he going to have a third form?” And sure enough, Goku starts talking about digging deeper, and the yelling and screaming begins over one of the best music tracks in the entire series, with some awesome commentary from the other characters building up the hype.

When he finally pulls it off, it’s a rather radically different appearance with a strictly lightning aura. It stills gives me chills every time I see it.

It’s so epic in fact, that I read somewhere the voice actor passed out while recording all the yelling. That’s f*ing epic.


#7 Gohan Transforming Into A Super Saiyan For The First Time (Dragon Ball Z)


Why This Moment Is So Epic: Goku is doing his best throughout the duo’s training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to get Gohan to transform. He finally puts his son against the ropes, and Gohan finds himself recalling all the times he’s let people down while his father’s words and advice ring through his head. He finally let’s it all out, and afterwards, you see him struggle with his anger while he attempts to keep up the transformation. So epic.


#6 Vegeta Defeating Magetta (Dragon Ball Super)


Why This Moment Is So Epic: Vegeta seems to be in a hopeless situation as Champa somewhat cheats and locks him in a glass box so he can’t breathe. Not to mention the fact that his opponent can spew lava and is impervious to like all damage. But after a tough fight, the Saiyan prince gets pretty angry, destroys the glass box, and fires a Final Flash, accompanied by a whole lot of yelling, and then finishes him off with an epic punch.


#5 Goku Using Blue/Kaioken Against Hit

(Dragon Ball Super)


Why This Moment Is So Epic: Hit seems like an unstoppable opponent. Even though Goku improves throughout the fight, Hit is literally always one step ahead of him. But then Goku brings out a move we haven’t seen in decades, the red aura of Kaioken merging with his Super Saiyan Blue one, for an awesome look and even more powerful combination of power-ups. He then unleashes an epic flurry of attacks and finishes it off with a gigantic Kamehameha Wave for a truly epic scene.


#4 Goku Finishing Kid Buu With Spirit Bomb

(Dragon Ball Z)


Why This Moment is So Epic: Majin Buu killed a lot of people. Everyone in fact, save for a handful of folks. After an extremely long struggle against Buu in his many forms, the final battle takes place on the Supreme Kai’s homeworld. Things look entirely hopeless, until Vegeta hatches an ingenius plan that culminates up to Goku tossing a gigantic Spirit Bomb at the lil’ pink fella. After an awesome struggle where Buu still seems to be able to win out, Goku is healed by the dragon, recounts what an a-hole Buu is, and blows him to smithereens in pure epicness.


#3 Vegeta Using Final Flash For The First Time

(Dragon Ball Z)


Why This Moment Is So Epic: Vegeta’s arrogance seems to have gotten the better of him. We all hated him for bullying Trunks and allowing Cell to reach his ultimate form, which proved to be too much. But then Vegeta surprises everyone with a new attack. The lengthy, intense buildup, complete with lightning, shocked characters, and awesome music culminates into an enormous blast of energy, so that for a time, we actually think Vegeta succeeds in defeating Cell.


#2 Goku Defeating King Piccolo (Dragon Ball)


Why This Moment Is So Epic: Goku and Piccolo both gain tremendous power throughout this arc, and it seems like Goku will come out top dog. But through some under-handed tactics, the little hero finds himself crippled in most of his limbs. As Piccolo moves in for the kill, Goku faces him with no fear and delivers the most epic punch ever, yelling “I’m coming at you with everything I’ve got!” That gets me every time. So. Epic.


#1 The Cell Games (Dragon Ball Z)

dragon ball z gohan ss2 punching cell


Why This Moment Is So Epic: Okay, so this is more than a few moments. Like the Tournament of Power, the entire Cell Games is incredible, but on a much smaller scale.

Literally everything that happens is so over-the-top awesome. Hercule and his apprentices getting wrecked, we get to see all the Z-fighters the buffest they ever will be, Goku and Cell’s fight is in my opinion the best fight in all of Z, Gohan’s power-up before fighting Cell is so flippin’ epic, the Cell Juniors beating the heck out of people, Android 16 dying to set off Gohan’s first transformation into Super Saiyan 2, with awesome music I might add, where he unleashes crazy power to wreck all the Juniors and punch Android 18 out of Cell.

Whew, and don’t forget, Goku dying with King Kai, Cell coming back stronger than ever, Vegeta losing it after Trunks gets a whole blown through him, and then a final epic Kamehameha showdown between two superpowers. Every episode is killer. Oh man.

It’s obvious why this is my second favorite saga, and Tournament of Power is my first. They literally define Epic!


But aside from those two, the rest is hard to truly rank. As I said, these shows are chock-full-of epic moments, so these are really just 10 out of a very, very long list.

What are some of your favorite moments?

Franchises I Am So Thankful Continued On When I Thought They Were Dead

Ever think a franchise, whether from a movie, TV show, book, game…anything… was over and done with, only to surprise you years later with something more? This always fills me with gratitude beyond words, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to see more into the characters or stories that I love. So let’s see some of my favorites!

Star Wars all posters

This is probably the biggest return, as it is going stronger than ever today.

I spent the earliest days of my childhood obsessing over the original Star Wars trilogy. I loved everything about the movies, and the copious amount of toys that came with it. I wanted to own them all. (Consequently, I only had about 10).

I yearned to see what happened before A New Hope, for I desperately wanted to learn about Vader’s fall into darkness, the Clone Wars, and to just see a time where Jedi were plentiful.

First, we got the special editions. I was super-thrilled about that, but it was the same movies, but I figured it was better than nothing.

But then when I heard I was finally going to get my wish, I was beyond ecstatic. Just before my tenth birthday, a movie I literally was waiting my whole life for came out and started a new trilogy delivering the very things I wanted to see.

Fast-forward some 20 years and we are still getting Star Wars material. A plethora of comics, novels, TV shows, movies, both mainline and spin-off, so that now instead of waiting a decade for something new, it’s about a year. Heck we just got The Bad Batch premiere mere days ago!

I will continue to enjoy Star Wars in my adult life, until Disney inevitably runs it into the ground. But as long as Dave Filoni is creating things, I think we are in good hands.


After American Wedding, one of my favorite movie series concluded. But after nine years, we received American Reunion, a continuation of the characters I so love trying to deal with middle-age adulthood. It happens to be my favorite in the series to boot!

There was rumor of a fifth movie years ago, but I think that has been squashed. I’m still holding out hope though!

dragon ball super

Dragon Ball Z was my favorite show as a kid…and pretty much still is. When it concluded, I was a mess. Sure, we had GT come out, but that was hardly anything comparable, and it wasn’t canon, so it just doesn’t really matter.

After about 20 years however, a new movie, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods was released, with the promise that if it did well, a new series would follow in it’s wake. This was some of the most exciting news I’ve ever heard. After one more movie, at long last, Dragon Ball Super began, and we were treated to an amazing series that surpasses even Z in my opinion!

While the show is currently on hiatus, it is confirmed to be coming back eventually. We have since been treated to one more movie, which is probably the best thing in DB history, and continued monthly releases of the manga, which is continuing the storyline!

Of all the items on this list, Dragon Ball Super is the one I am easily the most thankful for. Each month when I read the new manga chapter, I can hardly believe a series I thought dead in my early-teens is going strong in my early thirties!

rambo first blood

Like Star Wars, I spent a lot of my childhood watching the Rambo trilogy.

The trilogy concluded about a year before I was born, so I never thought I’d see a new Rambo movie, despite rumors about it floating around for over a decade. But finally, in 2008, 20 years after the third one, we were treated to Rambo.

I still remember perfectly going to see it opening night to a sold out theater of excited fans, red bands tied around many of their heads. Quotes from the movies were shouted out during the previews, cheers rang out throughout Rambo’s more awesome exploits. All-in-all, it was the best theater experience I had ever been to.

But then, 11 years after that, we got yet another Rambo movie! I was thrilled beyond words yet again. Now one of my favorite movie franchises that I thought was dead before I was even born had given me a movie when I was 18, and 30. I can’t ask for much more than that. Except I’m hoping for a sixth one, despite Stallone being very old at this point.


Going along with Rambo, a sixth Rocky movie was rumored to be in the works for over 10 years. I also watched this series all the time as a kid. The fifth movie came out in 1990, but in 2006, we finally got that sequel! Better yet, we see the character return in a spin-off movie series, Creed, in 2015, and 2018!

Every time I watch these listed items, I seriously feel so appreciative that they even exist, so far in the future when I thought they were long gone.

I will add more as I think of them.

Is there anything that has made a comeback that you have a hard time believing yet are thrilled about?

Ever Wonder Why Most Villains Want To Take Over The World?

Seriously, most villains from any type of media have some interest in taking over the world. Sure, some of them just want to recreate it in their own image, unable to stomach the world they live in, but I’m talking about the ones that simply want to rule it, for no reason other than being on top.

But think about it. Why would anyone want that kind of responsibility?

It seems like a big enough pain to run a country, let alone a population consisting of billions of people. Is it really all that exciting to rule over all of them? And of course, as villains, they rule with an iron fist, using fear to control everyone.

But why do they need to control everyone? Just so they can have their way for everything and do whatever they want? What a bunch of spoiled, selfish brats! And honestly, they can do this anyway. Villains usually rise to power because they have power and ability the rest of the world can’t possibly compete with. So they can do whatever they want anyway. No one would be able to stop them. Why piss off billions of people and make enemies out of them all?

Think about it. If villains didn’t make a global stink, no hero would ever turn up to stop them, or even if they succeeded in taking over the world, revolution would always be on the minds of the people. So the newfound leader will always be under some kind of threat, just as those ruled are.

And honestly, villains, why would you want the stress of ruling the world? Or is it all just about sitting on a throne in front of the whole world? Are villains really all that egotistical? That’s gotta be why. If they wanted money, or some kind of rare item, they could effortlessly steal it, or win it in some kind of fighting tournament, like UFC or frickin’ boxing! Why go through all the trouble of taking over the world, usually through means of an absurdly complicated plan that sometimes could take years or even decades to complete.

So it must be power they want. But not the individual power they already possess. No, that’s not enough. They want power over people, just so they can rub it in their faces, and the villain can say “I’m better than you, and if you don’t agree, I’ll kill you!”

Wow, so deep down, that’s the motivation behind most villains. A huge ego, a need to showoff, and a lack of love. I suppose if their parents treated these folks better, they would never become villains.

How lame, both villains, and their parents.

How about you? Would you be interested in global domination?

Mortal Kombat Movie Review (No Spoilers)

Having put collectively give or take 3 hours into Mortal Kombat games in my lifetime, I wasn’t all that interested in seeing the new movie, despite being a fan of the original movie, that I only saw one time back in like 1997 or whenever.

Until my brother showed me the trailer. Then I couldn’t wait for it.

At last the movie came out, and I jumped on the chance to finally view it. And this is what I’ve got to say for people potentially interested in seeing it.

I don’t read reviews on pretty much anything, but knowing movie critics, they probably tear this movie to shreds. It has a bare-bones story, little to no character development, and a whole lot of violent fights complete with fatality moves and lots of CG effects.

Basically a movie critics nightmare. But a Mortal Kombat fans dream.

The movie takes an over-the-top violent fighting game and turns it into a fantastic film, with plenty of nods to the games, as well as a butt-ton of characters and special moves taken from the various titles.

In short, if you love violent action/fighting movies, this is going to rock your world. Even more so if you are familiar with the series. I feel like I would appreciate it a lot more if I actually knew much about the games.

If you are looking for a fleshed out story with deep characters, and not a fan of violence, well then I don’t know why you would ever be interested in watching this to begin with…

But if you want to see your favorite Mortal Kombat characters beat the hell out of each other like a live action video game, then do yourself a favor and watch it!

The only complaint I have is they had the audacity to fully dress Mileena instead of looking like this…


What’s So Great About the Works of Hayao Miyazaki?

My whole life, I have heard pretty much anyone who has seen any of his works rave about how he is a genius and makes the best movies ever.

Up until about a year ago, the only film I had seen by him was Princess Mononoke, which my brother got from a friend when we were middle-schoolish age. To this date, that is still his favorite movie of all time. I did not like it then and never finished watching it. About a year ago, as I said, this same brother gave me a whole collection of Miyazaki films. (If he loves him so much, why the heck did he give them to me?)

So I’m going to run down these films real quick, and see if Mr. Miyazaki lives up to all the hype.

A bunch of his older ones on the compilation didn’t work. I might be grateful for that…

My Neighbor Totoro:

So many people are obsessed with Totoro. And I can’t possibly fathom why. I can see maybe five-year-olds liking this, and that’s about it. It is literally, literally, the worst movie I have ever seen. Nothing happens in it, and Totoro is so obnoxiously loud when he does he roar/burp thing. And the kids in it…oh my God they are so annoying.

Kiki’s Delivery Service:

This one is okay. It’s at least watchable. I think this was like the fourth one in the compilation I watched, and the first I could say that about. Regardless, it’s hardly anything I would recommend to any one.

Pom Poko:

This one is about a bunch of Tanooki whose forests are getting destroyed. It’s really long and pretty awful.

Princess Mononoke:

Yeah…after 20 years I hate this even more. This is one of the slowest moving movies of all time. It pushes the three hour mark! I don’t mind long movies, but nothing happens half the time. The entire story could be wrapped up in 60-90 minutes.

Spirited Away:

This movie is weird as all heck, and I actually really liked it!

Howl’s Moving Castle:

The book is way better, and I hate the book…


It’s pretty lousy.

Well that’s it for the Miyazaki films I’ve seen. The compilation consists of other movies from Studio Ghibli, some that were good, okay, and bad, but anyway, the whole point I’m trying to make is…

Miyazaki is highly overrated!!!

But such is my opinion. To each their own.

Harry Potter Video Games Ranked

I love the Harry Potter books and read them far more than I should. I think each one is better than the last.

I remember when the first Harry Potter game came out, I was excited to play it because it kind of reminded me of Zelda, but with wizards!

Well, nearly 20 years later, I finally played it, and naturally, due to my love of Harry Potter, I played them all, that is, all eight games, because they had to separate The Deathly Hallows into two games, just like the movies, even though they could have easily fit both games in one. But I digress.

I found that these games bounce all over the place in terms of genre and gameplay, so unlike the books, they do not get better with each one, hence why I am writing this.

So here we go, all eight games ranked in order from my least favorite to most favorite. Obviously I am only including the mainline games.

#8 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

PlayStation 2, 2003

Times Beaten- 1

This game, the one I wanted to play so badly, turns out to be complete crap. You go around Hogwarts completing missions and sidequests with only vague hints to go off on. Every class teaches you a new spell, which to learn, your professors throw you into a deadly labyrinth of Hell to find the spell book. Make it out alive and you are worthy to keep the spell, and the students move on like this is totally normal.

It plays horribly with unresponsive controls, and I didn’t like it at all.

#7 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

PlayStation 2, 2002

Times Beaten- 1

This game is just like the first one, but has some gameplay improvements. It’s still pretty bad though, just not as much as Sorcerer’s Stone. Also, how did this one come out before Sorcerer’s Stone??? Ahh, that was originally a PS1 game.

#6 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

PlayStation 2, 2005

Times Beaten- 1

This is the first game in the series to change up the formula. They went with a full action game with this one. Before each level you can pick Harry, Ron, or Hermione, and equip items found in the world that increase health or magic power etc. Whoever you don’t pick is controlled by AI throughout the level.

It’s like a 3D Mario game, in that you go into the same level multiple times to find Hogwarts Crests, much like the Power Stars in Mario.

There are a few spells to choose from, and sometimes all three of you need to team up to move something. Throughout each level you and your computer-controlled partners just blast away at tons of enemies and solve puzzles.

This is the first game that doesn’t take place in Hogwarts, pretty much at all, in fact.

It’s an okay game with one foot crossing over into the “bad” territory.

#5 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1

Wii, 2010

Times Beaten- 1

They really change it up with this one, turning the series into a third-person-shooter. You get a variety of spells and items to use in battle, but it’s cumbersome to switch between them, and they are all more or less useless. The first spell you get, which is your main attack spell, is the only one worth using.

It’s an alright game with some faulty controls from time-to-time.

#4 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Wii, 2007

Times Beaten- 1

The fifth entry returns the series to the inside of Hogwarts, but with different gameplay. The developers put a ton of effort into this game, and it shows. They managed to get many of the actors from the movies to do the voices in the game, which is nice. The gameplay is solid-ish with a new dueling system that allows you to use different spells for the most part rather easily. There are also mini-games to play such as wizard’s chess and gobstones.

There are lots of fun little puzzles to solve too that net you emblems. The more of these you collect, the more stuff you unlock, whether it help you in the game, or bonus material like cool interviews and behind-the-scenes stuff with the cast and crew.

It is far from flawless, however, but it’s a good game to be sure.

#3 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

PlayStation 2, 2004

Times Beaten- 1

This game impressed me. It is the style of the first two games, but actually good. The controls work, the gameplay is fun. And you get to play as Ron and Hermione for the first time! Each of the three wizards-in-training learn their own unique spells and you can switch between them at any time, making for more diverse gameplay and puzzle-solving. Thinking on it, this and Goblet of Fire are the only two games where you don’t play as just Harry.

Also, for some reason, Hermione has shining blond hair, which is kind of weird.

#2 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Wii, 2009

Times Beaten- 1

This game plays like Order of the Phoenix, but improves upon it. This is actually a really fun and really good game.

#1 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

Wii, 2011

Times Beaten- 1

They go out with a bang in the final entry to the series. It’s the same TPS-style like Part 1, but fixed everything that made Part 1 bad. Now you can switch spells on the fly, and they actually do stuff, making the gameplay intense, fun, and very satisfying. This is truly a great game. Except it’s super-short, seeing as it basically only covers the tail-end of the book.

So there you have it, all the mainline Harry Potter games from worst to best in my opinion. Truthfully, only the last three are truly good games that I would recommend playing.

It’s Astounding How Useless Most Video Game Trailers Are


How many times have you been disappointed by a trailer? And I’m not talking about a game you were maybe excited for and then the trailer didn’t make it look so good. I’m talking about the fact that they don’t show any bloody gameplay in most trailers!!! And if they do, it’s like a quick second or two of it, peppered throughout the trailer several times. 

But a ton trailers just focus completely on story. Usually long cinematics with either a monologue or text narrating some bits about the story.

Does anyone really care about the story that much? Don’t get me wrong, I love a good story, but I’m not going to buy a game for it’s story. I’m going to buy it if it looks fun. So it’s incredibly frustrating that I have to go on YouTube and look up gameplay videos because the trailers, which are designed to sell the games, are useless.

I find this to be the biggest problem on Steam and the PS store, though I’m not too certain with the latter because they don’t let you skip through the trailer, so I’ve never sat through one long enough to see if it has any gameplay.

But on Steam, they sometimes have 3-5 trailers for a single game, each around 3 minutes long, and you’ll only get about 15 seconds of gameplay collectively, if any at all. This is not always the case, fortunately. Some developers are kind enough to give us a gameplay trailer every now and then.

As I think on it, I realize what these companies are doing now. I forgot. Most people judge games by graphics. So they have to show off all the most graphically impressive moments in their game, which obviously is all the cinematics.

That way people will be like “Oh, look at the graphics, this game must be good!” So consumers will either buy it on the spot, or at least further look into it to find out how the game actually plays. I imagine it’s the same principle as dating. You aren’t going to pursue something initially that doesn’t look appealing to you.

But games are meant to be played. I like to play games…not look at them.

In short, I believe trailers should be like 80% gameplay with some small story elements thrown in. Here’s to hoping!

I Can’t Wrap My Head Around This Whole “Cancel Culture” Thing

For about a month or so, I’ve been hearing about a group on the internet going around “canceling” people, which has inevitably lead to something called “cancel culture.” I have really tried to understand this, and to be honest, it took two weeks to really kind of get what is going on, but I still don’t get it.

In short, it’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard of…

But from what I have gathered, it’s a bunch of people, mostly kids around the age of 20, give or take, an age group who literally know nothing about life, going around the internet and using their anonymity to force others with different or less favorable beliefs, views, lifestyles, opinions, etc.  into changing them into a life that better suits the all-powerful cancel culture. Actually that’s not true. They don’t force them to change, that would imply giving them a second chance. They destroy that person for not being a perfect human being, or rather for being a person they don’t agree with. In other words they ruin that person’s life. It’s a modern-day crucifixion basically. We just call it “canceling” now because it sounds more politically correct. And Lord knows (can I say that?) that these cancel culturists are all about PC!

Except they are one enormous ball of hypocrisy.

Hmm. Where have I heard this done before…Oh wait, I’ve read about it, countless times on the bloodiest pages of history.

Think about all the times a group has forced their will on another group or simply eradicated them for being different or having opposing views.

The Crusades stick out in my mind as the biggest one. Or you, know, like any genocide that has ever happened. Like Darfur, Burma, any religious war, or war in general…

What, Cancel folk, just because you aren’t actually killing anybody directly with a weapon makes what you are doing okay? Because you are singling out people, it’s not as bad? You’re still singling out a group. That group, in fact is much, much larger than any group that has befallen such travesty. That group would be anyone that isn’t you, more or less.

Another huge genocidal event that comes to mind is the Holocaust. This one turns out to be super ironic, since they canceled that Gina Mandalorian actress, whose last name I can’t remember, for saying being a republican today is like being a Jew in the Holocaust.

Now me personally, I have literally no reaction to this. Freedom of speech and all that. So say what you want. It doesn’t affect my life, and truthfully no one else’s either.

But no, the first amendment is now, “freedom of speech, unless we don’t agree with it!’

So because this Gina gal (can i say that?) brought up something terrible about history, what happens? The cancel folk drop down on her like thousands of kamikaze pilots. Can I say that? The kamikaze pilots are Japanese, so am I being racist or insensitive towards them? Or because they were killing Americans with that tactic usually, it must be okay to say, being American myself.

In a nutshell, the Nazis worked the Jews and starved them until one or the other made them useless enough to be killed, if they didn’t die from overwork, starvation, or disease first. It was a pretty shitty thing to do, but the Jews, as Miss Gina pointed out, were not a very popular people, so those countries were pretty okay with it.

Now let’s take this last paragraph and change it up a bit.

In a nutshell, the cancel culturists scour the internet, finding anything that isn’t considered a popular opinion or way of life, and do all they can to destroy the lives of these unpopular people. The victim’s lose their job, and their reputation is soiled, thus the victim becomes like this social disease that no one wants associated with their company. That person never works again, and worst case scenario, loses pretty much everything, and could even starve, because going from a celebrity to a store clerk is not something easy to do…by any means, and due to their ex-celebrity status, they would not even be able to get a normal job like that to begin with, so they will eventually starve from not being able to buy food… again that’s worst case scenario The victims could also suffer even more so mentally, and I wouldn’t be surprised if suicide was in the works.

So both paragraphs can be dumbed down to this. We don’t like something. We get rid of it.

This can also be said for all wars and genocides.

But again, the cancel folk are fine, because they are not physically harming anyone! And after all, these people are doing it for the good of the land! They are trying to get rid of the bad people out there. All those crazy, opinionated people bordering on being racist, or saying marginally offensive things need to go!

Never mind the fact that the world is overflowing with criminals and complete literal scum. But it’s not the culturists fault. You can’t stop crime from the internet. Though I doubt they’d try, because today is all about defending criminals and attacking the people who defend us from the criminals instead. Talk about a twisted circle…

This whole Cancel Culture Movement…nah, I wouldn’t say movement, that’s giving these idiots (can I say that?) way too much credit, reminds me of something else that surely these pure souls would cringe upon!

Remember back in the day, before *gasp* internet was invented, when the most exciting thing in people’s lives were public executions?

That’s right cancel guys, you are performing cyber-public execution of one’s well-being, not their physical body. When you pick out someone to cancel, you are essentially placing them in the gallows or guillotine, and wait for all your little fellow cancelists to fill the town square, so in one voice you can cry out to the executioner, (the executioner being the employer or such-related position) to drop the axe on em’.

And speaking of employers, that’s the real problem here. Sorry cancelers, you’re not changing the world. You’re not making it a better place. Your not helping people see the light. All you’re doing is manipulating all these pussy (can I say that?) companies by taking advantage of their greed. God forbid they become associated with someone who isn’t all that popular because of their own opinions, and thus hurt the reputation of the company that employs them, which in turn could lead to less profit that quarter. If all these companies just shrugged their shoulders and told the whiny cancelists to fuck off, their little culture would be gone before it ever started.

The best part is, I imagine the people attacking these companies don’t even use the material the companies shell out. So they wouldn’t be losing anything anyway if cancelists decided to not indulge in giving them money.

Why else do you think they attack things decades old? Because none of these kids watch or use any of this stuff. You think anyone born in the last 20 years is watching Pepe la Pu, or however you spell it and Speedy Gonzales? Do you think they are reading Dr. Seuss? If they did as kids, they sure as Hell aren’t now! 

And let’s go a little more modern. Miss Mandalorian Gina-lady. She’s a minor character in a somewhat popular show. No loss for any cancelist who watches it.

Bill Burr, a comedian. Comedians aren’t that big, and not many people really follow them. So no loss to these enlightened folk there.

Comedians also make a living by being offensive and insulting people, so they are easy prey. Get more creative culturists!

Eminem’s Love the Way You Lie is being attacked. I imagine a lot of younger folk, AKA the majority of the cancel culturists, don’t listen to Eminem and only attack that song as it’s easily his most-played song on radios. At least I assume. It’s the only one I’ve ever heard more than once. This song isn’t even recent. It’s over 10 years old! And guess what, he, and every rapper out their is far more offensive than talking about setting a house on fire when a women is tied to a bed.

The best part is, that line isn’t even meant to be offensive. It’s just a way to express how much he loves her.

So it’s all fun for these cancel culturists because they are not losing anything that they get enjoyment from. But anyone who liked Gina’s character, or loved those Dr. Seuss books…they are victims too. Congrats assholes, you just took away things they enjoyed because you don’t like a picture or a remark someone says.

And that’s just it. All this attacking and scouting is fun for the cancel pals. You’re not fooling anyone. The Gen Zer’s, as they are called, are the first generation to grow up solely on the internet, and as they grow into adulthood, this is what they do with the technology and way of life they share… attacking others. The only motivation these people have is to get more likes and followers on their social media, hoping they achieve the big time by going viral. Plus young people are assholes, and thanks to the convenient anonymity of the internet, they can be the biggest assholes ever, because they are attacking people through a screen. Their victims are world-renowned unfortunately, and don’t share the same luxury.

Or they are so old they can’t defend themselves. (I got you Pepe!)

So how about ya’ll stop pretending to be soft-hearted human sympathizers, because you’re literally worse than anyone else out there.

This is a fact. Some of the most racist and offensive things I have ever seen come from these bold twitter-users trying to cancel out someone who said something that isn’t quite so offensive, and didn’t intend it to be if it was.

So as punishment for their slight slip of the tongue, you will be canceled! That’s that! Fuck you, good night.

But my mistake. The culturists aren’t being racist because they are attacking white people…and skunks.

And it turns out, you can’t be racist against white people, simply because there are more of them out their in the world. Thus, that makes whites the absolute most vulnerable race in the world, and are completely open to all attack, which is about the most racist thing I’ve ever heard, aside from cancel culture tweets.

As for being racist towards skunks, that one’s still on the fence…I suppose it comes down to what’s underneath that black and white fur.

And let’s be honest here. You guys aren’t really offended by any of this. Again, you just think it’s funny. Literally no one can be that offended by that much stuff. You guys are going around, looking for things from decades ago, finding something different about someone, and exploiting it and twisting it around to make it seem worse than it is, and only for a laugh. I believe this to be true, because you would have to really go out of your way to even try to be offended by some of the stuff, which if you even manage to eventually come to believe something is offensive, it would only be a very small amount, and it should be voided because of the amount of personal effort it took just to force yourself to be offended.

Hmm, picking out something different and turning it into something offensive in the public eye. That sounds like something. Racism? Yes. Hitler? Yes. Bullying of any kind? Yes.

And the worst part about all of this, and the part I can’t understand the most, if how all these sheep, I mean cancel culturists, just jump on the band-wagon as they say.

Some Idiot Kid: I think Hulk Hogan’s mustache is offensive!

Other Idiot: Ha! That’s funny! Me too!

They create memes and share posts with their friends and then those friends share it with their friends and eventually it snowballs into something crazy and a wrestler that was prominent in the 90’s and early 2000’s is now the anti-christ.

Be your own people, for the love of God! (Can I say that?)

And for the record, when you think you’re righting people when they are forced to make public apologies, do you really think most of those are sincere? Of course not. They do give a crap. They are just taking efforts to make sure they can have continued employment, much in the same way the companies they work for don’t care either, but just want to make sure they maximize profits. So if you weirdo’s somehow gain any satisfaction from these apologies, don’t.

You know, the idea behind people banding together to accomplish something is truly wonderful though. It’s something I’ve been wanting to happen for a very long time. To solve actual problems though. When people come together, they can make changes. All governments suck, pretty much everything is entirely too expensive, while companies, colleges, and pretty much every for-profit establishment scams and takes advantage of it’s customers… just to name a very few and very vague amount of infinite problems.

Everyday the world gets worse, and we finally get a generation that bands together, for the first time since like the revolution against Great Britain, (speaking from my American point-of-view) and this is what they do with it. Attack a dead author’s work, and countless other meaningless things. And with the internet, now people can band together globally, instead of within a country, but honestly, countries only care about themselves, and each has their own set of problems, and pretty much hate every other country, so why would they help each other out?

And besides, I imagine the cancel culture consists of mostly Americans, because only they can be so delicate, and have the free-time and the “selfless bleeding heart attitude that essentially says ‘I think I am better than everyone else.'”

The rest of the world doesn’t give a crap. They’ve got more important things to do than worry about what forms of media are offensive.