I Can’t Wrap My Head Around This Whole “Cancel Culture” Thing

For about a month or so, I’ve been hearing about a group on the internet going around “canceling” people, which has inevitably lead to something called “cancel culture.” I have really tried to understand this, and to be honest, it took two weeks to really kind of get what is going on, but I still don’t get it.

In short, it’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard of…

But from what I have gathered, it’s a bunch of people, mostly kids around the age of 20, give or take, an age group who literally know nothing about life, going around the internet and using their anonymity to force others with different or less favorable beliefs, views, lifestyles, opinions, etc.  into changing them into a life that better suits the all-powerful cancel culture. Actually that’s not true. They don’t force them to change, that would imply giving them a second chance. They destroy that person for not being a perfect human being, or rather for being a person they don’t agree with. In other words they ruin that person’s life. It’s a modern-day crucifixion basically. We just call it “canceling” now because it sounds more politically correct. And Lord knows (can I say that?) that these cancel culturists are all about PC!

Except they are one enormous ball of hypocrisy.

Hmm. Where have I heard this done before…Oh wait, I’ve read about it, countless times on the bloodiest pages of history.

Think about all the times a group has forced their will on another group or simply eradicated them for being different or having opposing views.

The Crusades stick out in my mind as the biggest one. Or you, know, like any genocide that has ever happened. Like Darfur, Burma, any religious war, or war in general…

What, Cancel folk, just because you aren’t actually killing anybody directly with a weapon makes what you are doing okay? Because you are singling out people, it’s not as bad? You’re still singling out a group. That group, in fact is much, much larger than any group that has befallen such travesty. That group would be anyone that isn’t you, more or less.

Another huge genocidal event that comes to mind is the Holocaust. This one turns out to be super ironic, since they canceled that Gina Mandalorian actress, whose last name I can’t remember, for saying being a republican today is like being a Jew in the Holocaust.

Now me personally, I have literally no reaction to this. Freedom of speech and all that. So say what you want. It doesn’t affect my life, and truthfully no one else’s either.

But no, the first amendment is now, “freedom of speech, unless we don’t agree with it!’

So because this Gina gal (can i say that?) brought up something terrible about history, what happens? The cancel folk drop down on her like thousands of kamikaze pilots. Can I say that? The kamikaze pilots are Japanese, so am I being racist or insensitive towards them? Or because they were killing Americans with that tactic usually, it must be okay to say, being American myself.

In a nutshell, the Nazis worked the Jews and starved them until one or the other made them useless enough to be killed, if they didn’t die from overwork, starvation, or disease first. It was a pretty shitty thing to do, but the Jews, as Miss Gina pointed out, were not a very popular people, so those countries were pretty okay with it.

Now let’s take this last paragraph and change it up a bit.

In a nutshell, the cancel culturists scour the internet, finding anything that isn’t considered a popular opinion or way of life, and do all they can to destroy the lives of these unpopular people. The victim’s lose their job, and their reputation is soiled, thus the victim becomes like this social disease that no one wants associated with their company. That person never works again, and worst case scenario, loses pretty much everything, and could even starve, because going from a celebrity to a store clerk is not something easy to do…by any means, and due to their ex-celebrity status, they would not even be able to get a normal job like that to begin with, so they will eventually starve from not being able to buy food… again that’s worst case scenario The victims could also suffer even more so mentally, and I wouldn’t be surprised if suicide was in the works.

So both paragraphs can be dumbed down to this. We don’t like something. We get rid of it.

This can also be said for all wars and genocides.

But again, the cancel folk are fine, because they are not physically harming anyone! And after all, these people are doing it for the good of the land! They are trying to get rid of the bad people out there. All those crazy, opinionated people bordering on being racist, or saying marginally offensive things need to go!

Never mind the fact that the world is overflowing with criminals and complete literal scum. But it’s not the culturists fault. You can’t stop crime from the internet. Though I doubt they’d try, because today is all about defending criminals and attacking the people who defend us from the criminals instead. Talk about a twisted circle…

This whole Cancel Culture Movement…nah, I wouldn’t say movement, that’s giving these idiots (can I say that?) way too much credit, reminds me of something else that surely these pure souls would cringe upon!

Remember back in the day, before *gasp* internet was invented, when the most exciting thing in people’s lives were public executions?

That’s right cancel guys, you are performing cyber-public execution of one’s well-being, not their physical body. When you pick out someone to cancel, you are essentially placing them in the gallows or guillotine, and wait for all your little fellow cancelists to fill the town square, so in one voice you can cry out to the executioner, (the executioner being the employer or such-related position) to drop the axe on em’.

And speaking of employers, that’s the real problem here. Sorry cancelers, you’re not changing the world. You’re not making it a better place. Your not helping people see the light. All you’re doing is manipulating all these pussy (can I say that?) companies by taking advantage of their greed. God forbid they become associated with someone who isn’t all that popular because of their own opinions, and thus hurt the reputation of the company that employs them, which in turn could lead to less profit that quarter. If all these companies just shrugged their shoulders and told the whiny cancelists to fuck off, their little culture would be gone before it ever started.

The best part is, I imagine the people attacking these companies don’t even use the material the companies shell out. So they wouldn’t be losing anything anyway if cancelists decided to not indulge in giving them money.

Why else do you think they attack things decades old? Because none of these kids watch or use any of this stuff. You think anyone born in the last 20 years is watching Pepe la Pu, or however you spell it and Speedy Gonzales? Do you think they are reading Dr. Seuss? If they did as kids, they sure as Hell aren’t now! 

And let’s go a little more modern. Miss Mandalorian Gina-lady. She’s a minor character in a somewhat popular show. No loss for any cancelist who watches it.

Bill Burr, a comedian. Comedians aren’t that big, and not many people really follow them. So no loss to these enlightened folk there.

Comedians also make a living by being offensive and insulting people, so they are easy prey. Get more creative culturists!

Eminem’s Love the Way You Lie is being attacked. I imagine a lot of younger folk, AKA the majority of the cancel culturists, don’t listen to Eminem and only attack that song as it’s easily his most-played song on radios. At least I assume. It’s the only one I’ve ever heard more than once. This song isn’t even recent. It’s over 10 years old! And guess what, he, and every rapper out their is far more offensive than talking about setting a house on fire when a women is tied to a bed.

The best part is, that line isn’t even meant to be offensive. It’s just a way to express how much he loves her.

So it’s all fun for these cancel culturists because they are not losing anything that they get enjoyment from. But anyone who liked Gina’s character, or loved those Dr. Seuss books…they are victims too. Congrats assholes, you just took away things they enjoyed because you don’t like a picture or a remark someone says.

And that’s just it. All this attacking and scouting is fun for the cancel pals. You’re not fooling anyone. The Gen Zer’s, as they are called, are the first generation to grow up solely on the internet, and as they grow into adulthood, this is what they do with the technology and way of life they share… attacking others. The only motivation these people have is to get more likes and followers on their social media, hoping they achieve the big time by going viral. Plus young people are assholes, and thanks to the convenient anonymity of the internet, they can be the biggest assholes ever, because they are attacking people through a screen. Their victims are world-renowned unfortunately, and don’t share the same luxury.

Or they are so old they can’t defend themselves. (I got you Pepe!)

So how about ya’ll stop pretending to be soft-hearted human sympathizers, because you’re literally worse than anyone else out there.

This is a fact. Some of the most racist and offensive things I have ever seen come from these bold twitter-users trying to cancel out someone who said something that isn’t quite so offensive, and didn’t intend it to be if it was.

So as punishment for their slight slip of the tongue, you will be canceled! That’s that! Fuck you, good night.

But my mistake. The culturists aren’t being racist because they are attacking white people…and skunks.

And it turns out, you can’t be racist against white people, simply because there are more of them out their in the world. Thus, that makes whites the absolute most vulnerable race in the world, and are completely open to all attack, which is about the most racist thing I’ve ever heard, aside from cancel culture tweets.

As for being racist towards skunks, that one’s still on the fence…I suppose it comes down to what’s underneath that black and white fur.

And let’s be honest here. You guys aren’t really offended by any of this. Again, you just think it’s funny. Literally no one can be that offended by that much stuff. You guys are going around, looking for things from decades ago, finding something different about someone, and exploiting it and twisting it around to make it seem worse than it is, and only for a laugh. I believe this to be true, because you would have to really go out of your way to even try to be offended by some of the stuff, which if you even manage to eventually come to believe something is offensive, it would only be a very small amount, and it should be voided because of the amount of personal effort it took just to force yourself to be offended.

Hmm, picking out something different and turning it into something offensive in the public eye. That sounds like something. Racism? Yes. Hitler? Yes. Bullying of any kind? Yes.

And the worst part about all of this, and the part I can’t understand the most, if how all these sheep, I mean cancel culturists, just jump on the band-wagon as they say.

Some Idiot Kid: I think Hulk Hogan’s mustache is offensive!

Other Idiot: Ha! That’s funny! Me too!

They create memes and share posts with their friends and then those friends share it with their friends and eventually it snowballs into something crazy and a wrestler that was prominent in the 90’s and early 2000’s is now the anti-christ.

Be your own people, for the love of God! (Can I say that?)

And for the record, when you think you’re righting people when they are forced to make public apologies, do you really think most of those are sincere? Of course not. They do give a crap. They are just taking efforts to make sure they can have continued employment, much in the same way the companies they work for don’t care either, but just want to make sure they maximize profits. So if you weirdo’s somehow gain any satisfaction from these apologies, don’t.

You know, the idea behind people banding together to accomplish something is truly wonderful though. It’s something I’ve been wanting to happen for a very long time. To solve actual problems though. When people come together, they can make changes. All governments suck, pretty much everything is entirely too expensive, while companies, colleges, and pretty much every for-profit establishment scams and takes advantage of it’s customers… just to name a very few and very vague amount of infinite problems.

Everyday the world gets worse, and we finally get a generation that bands together, for the first time since like the revolution against Great Britain, (speaking from my American point-of-view) and this is what they do with it. Attack a dead author’s work, and countless other meaningless things. And with the internet, now people can band together globally, instead of within a country, but honestly, countries only care about themselves, and each has their own set of problems, and pretty much hate every other country, so why would they help each other out?

And besides, I imagine the cancel culture consists of mostly Americans, because only they can be so delicate, and have the free-time and the “selfless bleeding heart attitude that essentially says ‘I think I am better than everyone else.'”

The rest of the world doesn’t give a crap. They’ve got more important things to do than worry about what forms of media are offensive.

How Come Every “Update” On Every Platform Takes One Step Forward and Three Steps Back?

Seriously, Apple, Windows, the apps these operating systems run, websites, and now the very website I write this on constantly update everything with the intention of making everything look prettier.

I’ve got to be honest, I don’t really think there are many people who give a crap what the site looks like as long as it functions. This all clearly stems from the greedy, clueless corporate idiots who think they know how to run a business.

Each update for pretty much anything tidies up the look of all this stuff, BUT AT THE COST OF USER-FRIENDLINESS!!!!

Who needs convenient functionality when it looks nice, am I right?

Literally almost every app or OS or website I use regularly has fallen victim to these “modern advances.” Everything I used on these programs and such was easy to use, plainly in view, and required zero thought/effort to do it.

With the big boastful updates these harebrained companies come up with it, they take all that convenience away, hiding it somewhere deep in the new, clean and infinitely more complicated formatting, UI or what have you, or removing it all together.

So instead of taking half a second to do something, I have to search for 15 minutes to find it, if I even find it at all! More often than not, I’m off to Google for research on how to use this “wonderful new update” or in extreme cases, have to contact the support team of whatever I’m trying to use and ask them what the hell happened to it.

When you’re getting support tickets on how to use your own damn product that worked the day before, wouldn’t the company consider that a fail?

And the answer is “No”, for they are still making money, so what do they care?

So now things that were in plain sight and required one click and one second of your time necessitate you to click through seven different menus and this and that to either do what you want to do, or sometimes, this opens up something entirely new, and then you have to locate it from within there.

This is an issue that has frustrated me since I first started regularly using computers about 10 years ago.

I was going to write about something completely different today, until I logged onto wordpress and found they had done the same thing. This is about the third time they’ve made things worse and less user-friendly since I’ve been using the site, but nothing relative to this level.

When writing a post, there was a convenient bar at the top center of the screen that pretty much had everything you ever needed. If memory serves correct, they made this a little less convenient once before. But now it’s gone all together.

There was also a bunch of stuff on the left and right of the screen, also in plain sight for your use, stuff you need to use to edit/post. Again they made this stuff slightly more complicated over the years, but now that’s gone too!

So what am I looking at now? Certainly not a convenient collection of necessary tools! Why would modern, respectable folks want that?

No, now I am looking at a blinding white screen that makes me feel like I am drowning in white-out. The only break from this is a few symbols on the top left and right of the screen. What do these hieroglyphics mean? I don’t have an effing clue! So again, everything I ever wanted to use if now hidden behind the scrawls of Ancient Egyptians. Wonderful.

I just managed to bring up the old tool box somehow, but it placed it right where I was trying to write, and couldn’t get it away for a moment. What’s wrong with having it just sit at the top of the screen like it used to?

Again, I’m going to ask, are there really people out there who were begging the site to do this? People asking for nothing but a blank white screen? People that weren’t directly involved with running the website?

I suppose I’ve ranted enough about this. Now the next thing to do is try and figure out how to post this…

Updating this about a week after the original writing…

I was trying to add images to my latest post. Before, it was a simple click at the top of the screen to get where you needed to go.

Now I’ve got to click one of the hieroglyphics, type something in a search bar, click on the thing I need, which brings up a condensed bar that requires a few more clicks to be able to add images, and then forces you to navigate all these drop down menus just to edit and align the stinking picture! I mean seriously, what a-holes thought this was a good idea?

How Many Social Media Platforms Do We Really Need?

Much like the brand new term “social distancing,” social media was never something you heard up until the past decade or so.

It all started, as far as I am aware, with the extinct giant called MySpace. This was created, or at least I was made aware of it, the summer between my ninth and tenth grade of high school.

My immediate impressions were something along the lines of “Wow, this is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. Who the hell would waste their time on this crap?”

Well, everyone, as it turns out. Pretty much all anyone talked about was MySpace for the next two years, though there was talk of something else from college students, who often bragged about having their own type of MySpace, but a better, more sophisticated version. In short, they thought they were cooler than all the high school kids and their MySpace.

So naturally, the high school kids strove to be just as cool, and that’s when FaceBook really took over, and continues to rule the world alongside Amazon and Disney today.

Seriously, I can not believe how much time people spend on that website. All my wife does everyday is sit on her phone and read and watch the mindless, stupid crap that filters in non-stop, and then constantly tries to show me stuff she thinks is hilarious.

But guess what…it’s not hilarious. 99.9% of them aren’t, anyway. I’ve gotten a few chuckles here and there, but most of them just baffle my mind that someone would take the time to make/post something so stupid. And that’s just dumb things. That’s not counting all the time people spend posting their every detail about life on it, which really, really baffles me.

So for the last decade, all I hear about is Facebook, and it’s enough to make me hurl.

Well that’s not true. I hear about all sorts of other things as well Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Snap Chat, Pinterest, Tumblr and a whole slew of other things I can’t think of at the moment. And lately, I keep hearing about the worst named one of all, Tik Tok.

Seriously, who comes up with these names? The first time I heard of Twitter, I was in a college class and some lady was trying to convince me to vote for some political election that was happening around that time for governor or something, and told me he has Twitter.

My response was, “Oh, that sucks,” and she looked at me funny. I thought twitter was some kind of epileptic seizure disease or something. Not a god damn stupid social media thing! Twitter, Tik Tok… come on people.

WTF!?!?!? How many of these do we need though? And the astounding thing is everyone jumps to these platforms immediately.

Truthfully, other than MySpace and FaceBook, I don’t have a clue what all the other ones are or do. I just know people are addicted to many or all of them. And I notice half the reason they join these sites or apps is because they don’t want to be left out. They need to feel connected to everyone else or else be left behind both in the technological and social worlds.

Now that this Tik Tok has come out, my wife now sits and looks at her phone for 15 hours a day instead of 13. Gee, thanks all you useless things out there.

Want to start a successful business? Make a social media website. It’s guaranteed to draw in millions of people!

I must confess that I do use one platform, and that’s YouTube. But only because among the billions of stupid pointless waste of time videos, there is extremely helpful and informative videos. Pretty much everything you need to know can be found on that site. So go YouTube!

How Is it that everyone is constantly on their phone but…

90% of the time I call or text someone, they don’t pick up or respond and at times never get back to me for hours or days, if at all.

Like…I seriously don’t get it. These people are literally on their phones the entire time I see them in person. Drives me crazy.

And you know what’s really sad? That picture above is completely accurate of what “social gatherings” have become. Man, f this world.


The Most Disappointing Album Follow-Ups

Don’t you just hate when an artist or band you listen to really rocks your world, and you just can’t wait for that next album, and it just doesn’t compare. Really, this is no reason to hate on the album or the band, for it just means that they have set expectations of the fans so high because they are that good, so really you are just ticked at them for not increasing their songwriting and talent so exponentially that they didn’t top your favorite album, and honestly, if you like something that much, nothing will ever come close.

But anyway, let’s take a look at some albums that really disappointed me. This is sort of the opposite of my Artists Whose Talent Greatly Increased Between Albums posts.


Avenged Sevenfold






Avenged Sevenfold was really killing it with City of Evil and their self titled album. Then their drummer died just before recording Nightmare and I don’t know, it just didn’t have the same feel to it, on top of the fact that it was missing a lot of the intense energy that usually rips through their albums. It has grown on me quite a bit over the years, however.

Sticking with this band is the follow up to Nightmare

hailAvenged Sevenfold

Hail to the King





The band decided to completely change their music to give the fans a really good metal album…circa the 80’s. Trouble is…no one wanted it. I don’t like 80’s metal all that much personally, so I was very saddened by this album, which lacked just about everything that I loved about the band up to this point. Again, it grew on me over the years, but it certainly is one of my least favorite by them.

gmdBetween the Buried & Me

The Great Misdirect





After 3 incredible albums, I guess the charm of their mind blowing talent and unique style wore off on me. That and their songs were now consistently going over 10-15 minutes long for no reason and their bland vocalist and complete lack of rhythm and time signatures just make them a hard band to listen to.

killer insideBleed the Dream

Killer Inside





After the intense, dark, melodic face smasher that was Built By Blood, their drummer died and the singer, who had the best voice ever for their sound, quit. Thus everything changed. It’s a good album, no doubt, but, it is nothing like the masterpiece before it. Their sound is completely different and the new singer is not so good.







This album, while good overall, falls way short of his previous ones. There are some very good tracks on it, but also a number of “what the heck was he thinking?” tracks that are easily the worst, and really, his only bad songs he’s ever made for the most part. Eminem blames this on being on drugs, and you can easily believe that with some of these tracks.


ffaftdttFuneral For A Friend

Tales Don’t Tell Themselves




This is definitely by far the worst album these guys have made. What makes it even worse is it followed up their best album (in my opinion) which also happens to be one of my favorite albums of all time. Over time, it has grown on me…sort of. It completely lacks the amazing talent and nonstop energy the band is known for.

Renacer,_Senses_Fail's_fifth_studio_albumSenses Fail






After a string of really amazing albums, they lose most of their members and change their sound to a heavier, bland hardcore/punk sound that is nothing like their old, incredible sound. The guitar tones are muddy, the songs not very creative…and on a typical garage band talent level. Though, it has grown on me over the years…but mostly because their follow up makes this one seem amazing.

Which brings us to…

pull the thornsSenses Fail

Pull The Thorns From Your Heart




This album is truly bad. The quality is even worse than Renacer, the tones even muddier, the music is terrible, nearly every song is forgettable and/or awful and it’s just a mess, nothing at all like their former glory.


The Alchemy Index





Thrice doesn’t really make good albums, save for Artist in the Ambulance and the somewhat worse Vheissu. Following the latter was this four disc, two album set that really toned down their music to a slow, melodic, technical (with synths and computer crap) style. It’s okay…but not anything special at all. They’ve only gotten worse from here.

Though they are really good live if you ever want to see them…I highly recommend it.


Define The Great Line





Following up my favorite album of all time, this had a lot to live up to…and they drop the ball completely. Their sound is nearly 100% different, and it’s just not that great. Even today, it has grown on me, but barely.


The Few and Far Between





Having lost their lead vocalist in the previous album, it took a big hit, but managed to maintain a Vanna feel to it. In this album, however, they lost their clean vocalist/guitarist, thus resulting in a brand new sound, with a relentless screamer who never shuts up and sounds like a weasel, very rare clean vocals and bland, typical metal music. In short, Vanna went from one of the best post-hardcore bands out there to an okay metalcore band. Highly disappointing. Though their sound has grown on me over time.

silverstein beautifulSilverstein

A Beautiful Place To Drown





Silverstein have had a consistent sound a the best post-hardcore out there for 20 years. Then, with this latest album, they go and mess it up completely. This is closer to a pop album now. All there cds have been amazing until this one. It’s still good, but it’s not Silverstein.