The Best Inventions Of All Time

Throughout history, humans have climbed to the top of the food chain thanks to our innovative brains and thus, the inventions we have created. I am going to make a list of some of the more impressive inventions that have ever been created in my opinion These are also most certainly things we take for granted today.



I don’t know how someone can even begin to discover electricity, but it’s certainly an amazing invention that runs the world.

The Telephone

telephoneTelephones baffle me. How does talking into something send your voice over entire continents with little to no delay via a bunch of cables? Needless to say, this was a game-changer, and continues to thrive today, going from at least one in every household to one in every pocket/purse.

Caller ID

caller id

Remember these? The first one we ever owned looked much like the one pictured above. Before then, I would talk about this idea with my brothers, but thought it would never happen.

“Imagine if the phone could tell you who’s calling, and give you the phone number of who’s calling?”

That was just a far-off fantasy. Oddly, enough, Caller ID is something people take for granted and anyone born after the 90’s probably can’t even begin to imagine that something seemingly so simple was never around until the last 25 years or so. Now it’s built right into phones, but originally it was a separate box you had to connect to the phone and stored I think like 50 numbers, so you had to sit there and delete them all the time.

This invention was a game-changer. Now you didn’t have to answer the phone and hope to God it wasn’t a telemarketer or someone you didn’t know. It took all surprise out of using the telephone.



There are countless kinds of pie. You can basically throw anything you want in between some dough, bake it, and bam, you’ve got the most delicious thing ever. Like seriously. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad pie. And they’re so versatile, they make appropriate ones for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. With Thanksgiving approaching, you can bet I’m looking forward to a whole lot of pie-feasting.



Oh my God, doughnuts. So unhealthy, yet so delicious. They come in all shapes, sizes, flavors, colors, toppings, fillings…oh man! Like pies, each one is delicious. A truly irresistible delicacy.



These were a huge development for transportation. Once upon a time, most people were walking or using horses, now there are as many vehicles as people on the planet. What would take several hours to walk, now takes several minutes.

Like seriously. Every time I look under the hood of an automobile, I’m like “How in the heck did someone invent this?”

It’s just too bad people are so awful at operating them. And now traffic is a major problem, but hey, it beats riding a horse 50 miles in the elements instead!



To think man could ever take to the sky! Many people I imagine believed this could never be done. And yet now it’s the fastest way to travel! Like automobiles, I can not believe they exist. Look at the original plane up there. How did that turn into the massive commercial liners we see floating above us all the time? Not to mention the fighters that can fly at the speed of sound and all that. Absolutely remarkable.


bikini model

A few slight pieces of cloth over the right areas, and women can legally walk around just about naked. They come in all shapes and sizes, thus some show off more than others. But even the most preservative bikinis still leave little to the imagination. Thanks to these, going to a pool or beach is like living in an erotic fantasy.



This is another thing I talked about as a kid but never thought would happen. “Imagine there was something in your car that would tell you where to go?” I would say. Well blam-o. GPS was born, but not until I was in high school, and I didn’t get one until I graduated college, and it was every bit as wonderful as I could ever hope. I used to be terrified of going on long journeys, because I hated reading maps and missing a turn if using something like mapquest could mean utter disaster. But GPS changed all that, and thanks to this wonderful invention, I had two careers that involved driving all over the place every day.

Nowadays, they are taken for granted, as they are slapped right in with your car or phone now, but originally, they were a very expensive piece of hardware you had to suction cup to your windshield.

Yoga Pants

yoga pants

I’ve noticed women now refer to these as “leggings” while most men call them yoga pants.

Yoga pants first came out when I was in high school, but they were much different. They were a soft, cozy looking fabric that were loose around the legs, but very tight around the butt. Eventually, companies started putting words on the butts, like “babe” or “hot.,” as if the butt hugging pants weren’t enough to get guys to look at them.

After a few years, yoga pants changed to skin tight, body hugging pants that leave little to the imagination. Nowadays, at least where I live, this is all women wear. This is both an amazing thing, and a not so amazing thing. If the girls got a great figure, and particularly a nice tush, then you’ll be surely  be drooling. 

But I did say every woman wears these, so when an overly obese 60-year-old woman walks by, it’s going to ruin your day.

But thanks to yoga pants or leggings, pretty much going anywhere has now become a pleasant treat.


Global communication network concept.

The internet is amazing and terrifying. For bad people, it makes it super easy to ruin good peoples lives. For everyone though, it brings the world to your finger tips. Communication, knowledge, entertainment, everything is a few clicks away now. It’s also terrifying how dependent we are on it nowadays, and that is coming from someone who doesn’t use it nearly as often as most people.

Again, this is something that most people take for granted. Internet did not become a household thing until the 2000’s. I myself got it in 2000 I believe. It’s crazy to think how much the internet has grown since then, and how much easier it is to use. People who had dial-up internet know what I’m talking about…

It won’t be long until the internet completely dominates our lives, if it hasn’t already that is…



Like damn. This is basically a pie, but with an Italian twist. An assortment of cheeses, vegetables, meats, sauces… pretty much whatever you want, all baked or fried in a delicious dough. So good but so unhealthy.



From towering skyscrapers to gigantic complexes to the houses we live in, I find building construction fascinating. Like cars, looking at these enormous buildings makes me wonder how humans even began to build them. It’s fascinating stuff, I tell you.


The Most Disappointing Movie Sequels Of All Time

Going hand in hand with my last post about why sequels don’t have to be better, and how expectations ruin any chance of enjoying sequels, I am going to keep a running list of sequels as I can think of them that were disappointing to me, whether I had expectations or not.

spiderman 3 Spider-Man 3






I absolutely loved the first two in this trilogy, and when I heard Venom, one of my favorite villains of all time was at last going to be in a movie, I couldn’t rest easy until I saw it. This is probably the most excited I had ever been to see a movie in my life. In other words, my expectations were through the roof, and they weren’t even close to met.

Too many villains, Venom being terrible, and a heavier focus on MJ’s and Peter’s relationship were not up to my standards, and I hated the movie, all my hopes and dreams shattered.

After the third or fourth time I saw it, it grew on me though, and now I actually like it quite a bit.


amazing spider man 2 The Amazing Spider-Man 2






Sticking with Spider-Man, here’s one that I didn’t have any expectations for. And it was still disappointing. Again, too many villains, and all of them pointless. This was almost entirely about Peter and Gwen, Spider-Man being in like four scenes the whole movie.

The first one in the series, I wasn’t crazy about, but it was still enjoyable, but not as much as the original trilogy. I guess I was a little bit hoping this one would be better since all the origin stuff was out of the way, but no, not even close.

But again, after three viewings, I can now say I really like this movie.

star wars last jediStar Wars: The Last Jedi






This is the only movie in recent years that I actually did go into with some expectations, for it was finally going to give me something I have been wanting to see for literally my entire life… what Luke Skywalker was doing after episode 6.

And it was beyond disappointing. I can’t even describe how much so. Especially since the entire plot to 7 & 8 was to find and enlist Luke to help save the galaxy like he did before. The furthest possible thing from this happens, and it is a huge kick in the nads to every person wanting to see what Luke was all about.

The second he tosses his old lightsaber off the cliff, my hopes and dreams and childhood fell with it.

Oddly enough, after the third time seeing it, I like it now. Third time seems to be the charm for all these movies!

nullAvengers: Endgame






I call this the best disappointment of all time, for it is a good movie, but nothing worthy of the Avengers name. They spend most of the movie focusing on the past, and paying tribute to the whole 11-year story line. None of the intense action was there, and the climatic fight at the end is a ridiculous mess of cameos.

iron man 2 Iron Man 2






I don’t really like the Iron Man trilogy at all, but this movie is straight up bad. I didn’t have any expectations for this, but again, now that the origin stuff was out of the way, you’d think they’d have a good action movie with Iron Man in more than three scenes, and a final fight that didn’t put you to sleep.

dark knight rises

The Dark Knight Rises






After the masterpiece that was The Dark Knight, this one had a lot to live up to, especially since the ending left it open for some awesome possibilities. Instead, it’s way in the future and Bat Man’s crippled and I don’t know what the heck was going on. It was filled with bad choices and ultimately a bit on the boring side.

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. I’m sure I will add more later. But it sure seems like Marvel is really good at making disappointing movies.

toy story 4Toy Story 4






I held off seeing this for over a year, despite the fact that I absolutely love this series. I had no interest in seeing it because the third one closed the series out beautifully. There was no need to go any further.

My fears were realized when I did see it. The happy ending in three was completely shattered. All Woody’s ideals were thrown away. Hardly any of the classic characters had any lines, Buzz suddenly became a clueless idiot. It’s a mess and it ruined my childhood completely.

It’s a good movie though as a whole, but I prefer to pretend it doesn’t exist.

a good day to die hard

A Good Day To Die Hard



This lacks everything that makes Die Hard Die Hard. It’s an okay action movie, but a pretty terrible Die Hard movie. It’s a quick obvious cash out with a barely there story and not-so-intense action the series is known for.

Why It Doesn’t Make Sense To Make Fun Of Millennials (Or Really Any Generation Younger Than Your Own)

Millennials are generally considered people who are born roughly between 1981-1996, give or take a few years. And for years, all you hear about is how these folks are like the losers of the universe, dumb, entitled babies and the like. They get trashed on by everyone, typically older folks are the ones doing it obviously. But when I see this, I have got to laugh, for it makes no sense at all.

Cuz here’s the thing, older gens that make fun of them. Millennials are products of YOU raising them in a world YOU created. Seriously. This is why it is so stupid for older gens to make fun of younger ones.

Not to mention, each generation grows up in a completely different world. Think of how your grandparents, parents and yourself grew up. They are 100% different. If you are in your 20’s or older even, your world today is substantially different from when you were a little kid.

And life doesn’t get much easier, in a ever more crowded and complicated world, I feel very bad for kids being born today, for in 20 years, I don’t want to imagine how crappy everything will be. Especially when the supposed millenials take over running the world.

There is a humorous article that tells 50 of the things millennials are made fun. Some of them just make no sense, most of them are really just what happens with the current technology and what not. The world is changing with each generation, especially due to the crazy tech uprising, and I can just conclude that the older people don’t like all the changes so blame it on them young whippersnappers.

The one I hear about most is the participation awards. Everyone deserves an award for everything. I don’t recall any millennial ever begging for a trophy or some kind of reward for just showing up. This had to been an idea that the parents made up. Sure some kids might have been sad that their team didn’t win and they wished they got a trophy, which may have started the idea, but still, it’s not like a bunch of 6 year olds banded together and protested that everyone should get something.

Trends, styles, fads…etc. These have changed yearly, so why is it that it is so surprising and offensive that millennials have them as well? There is always going to be new things people get interested and then drop. All about change…again. People hate differences. It’s literally generational racism.

The point I’m trying to get across is, as people grow up, they create new things, which eventually derail life styles between each generation, and then the older people get ticked for them not going through life exactly as they had. This has been going on forever, and will continue to do so. So the only thing to do is just let it happen, for change is inevitable, so why cause rifts and problems. Because guess what? The generation above you hates your ass too.

Why can’t we all just get along?

Okay…College Might Be the Biggest Scam Ever

A little while ago, I made a post about how insurance and the current system we use for it is like the biggest scam ever, but now I think college just might be instead.

For starters, how in the world is college so freakin’ expensive!?!? Like think about it. If a school has 3000 students, who pay $30,000 a year, that college is getting 90 million dollars a year. And what they heck are you paying for? Sure dormitories and meal plans can be expensive, a little too expensive, but even if you commuted to a school, it’s the classes that are truly ridiculous.

The average cost per credit is $594 dollars, which for an average 3 credit course, is $1782 per class. For WHAT!?!? What do they do with all this money? Who does it go to? Not the people teaching you, that’s for sure! Is knowledge that you will ultimately forget worth that? Especially when half the crap they force you to take is stuff you’ve already learned multiple times throughout your life and/or is entirely useless!!

And don’t forget books! The books are more expensive than a brand spanking new PS4! WTF!?!? And every class requires them, and yet half the classes won’t have you use them very often, and I’ve had classes that said, “we won’t use them this semester.” Even buying them used will cost you around $200 for one measly battered old book.

So you spend all this money going to school for far too long a time, when really, for the most part, you can learn everything you need to know about a job in like 2 months with on the job training that someone should be paying YOU for. But no, all these people go to school so that they come out ready to start their lives, only to realize there are no jobs in their field, or the market is so damn competitive that getting your desired job is like winning the lottery. I can count the number of people who I know who have successfully used their degrees and got into a field they desired on one hand.

So all these people get out of college is some very expensive knowledge, most that they will forget within a year, that of which they haven’t forgotten already, and a very copious loan they will struggle to pay off for the next 15 years.

And this is how colleges really have you by the scrotum. Desperate, these folks decide to GO BACK TO SCHOOL to make themselves more marketable! That’s right, the Bachelor’s Degree nowadays is the equivalent of a High School diploma 15 years ago. It’s all about the post grad certifications! So these foolish people spend even more money, go into even more debt, just to have another useless piece of paper and still can’t find a job. All the while they are working nights at a McDonald’s or QuickChek, getting payed minimum wage, trying to afford rent, their girlfriends begging them for a ring. They end up stuck their for 5 years before being promoted to manager where they make 11 bucks an hour now and before they know it, they’ve made a career out of it, while their fancy diplomas shrivel in a closet somewhere.

And what really solidifies how much college is a scam is the fact that half the jobs out there ask that you have a four year degree, but don’t give a rat’s arse what it’s in. They just want to see that you went to school. What kind of sense does that make? Going to college doesn’t prepare anybody more than someone who doesn’t for these jobs that ask this. To me, these jobs are saying, “Hey you with the huge loan! I bet you’re desperate for a job that isn’t crazy manual labor! Want to put that degree to use? We’ll under pay the hell out of you, because we will take advantage of that desperation. But hey, at least your degree isn’t wasted, huh?”

And what about Associate’s Degrees? Yeah, remember those? Why do they even exist, they are like a GED. They might even be more worthless. People with these might even be smarter than those with higher degrees though, for they are only in half the debt.

Realistically, people who didn’t go to college should be prime picking for jobs. While young adults go waste their money partying like idiots for four years, these uneducated folk are out in the real world, experiencing life, learning how to make a living, thus they are vastly more mature and experienced than any college student could ever hope to be when they graduate. But these poor folk, just because they decided not to go to school, will never make more than 18 bucks an hour.

And I thought we live in a country that’s all about trying not to discriminate? Equal opportunity!

But seriously, think about this….


If no one went to college, they would all close. The government is most definitely behind the ever-growing expenses of colleges. They force us to think we need these degrees, thus we pay for college, and the economy benefits greatly. That’s the real goal of college.

But if we didn’t go, we’d be sticking it to those greedy a-holes, and at the same time, any job would be open to anyone. If degrees didn’t exist, you would no longer see such unrealistic job requirements. Seriously, half the jobs out there say

4 year degree required

5 years experience in field

knowledge in these 5 different areas.

Jobs don’t want to train people, because it costs them money, so they look for people who simply do not exist. So instead of all humans being completely desperate and miserable our whole lives as we do our best to struggle against impossible odds to survive, I ask, what if we made the jobs desperate for us?

Once they realize no one meets their impossible criteria, wouldn’t it get easier to get a good job. Granted, they would just lower wages beyond belief, and even more people would apply, but maybe not if people just refused these wages and no one took any crap from employers.


It’s just so sad. If an entire country united, we could change it so life wasn’t complete hell. This, unfortunately, is the definition of impossible.

But seriously. F college. Fight it. Oppress it, instead of them oppressing us.