Spider-Man Movies Ranked

Spider-Man was always one of my favorite superheros when I was a little kid along with Iron Man. But when the first Sam Raimi film came out, I had since “grown out” of such things, and didn’t really care all that much, despite all the buzz going around my peers. It wasn’t until my uncle gave me a copy of that movie that I fell in love with the web crawler far more than I ever have, and have now actively paid attention to the movies ever since.

So here I am today, fresh off of seeing the latest Spider-Man: No Way Home, (this post contains no spoilers) and before that I watched all of the other films leading up to it, so I decided to rank them all from worst to best in my opinion. I was surprised, because some movies moved up and down the list for me since the last time I’ve watched them all. So here goes.


Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)


This movie is garbage. Especially watching it right off the heels of the other two series’. They tried to do something different with this one, and I get it. They also tried to make it fit more into the tech-heavy Avengers universe. Despite this being the only preexisting Spider-Man, not to mention one who kicked butt in Captain America: Civil War, we’re treated to two hours of an incompetent, Stark tech-dependent¬† Spider-Man who tries his best to prove he’s a hero worthy enough to join the Avengers.

With almost no action, boring, pointless villains, and no character development at all for anyone other than Peter, it’s really a terrible movie.

And seriously, who cast Aunt May? She looks like she’s 38 tops. And when she’s in close contact with Peter, it’s hard to tell if she’s his sister or wife. I mean it’s always possible to have an aunt that young, but she must have took him in when she was in her mid-20’s, which is also possible, but ugh.

And Tom Holland’s voice is so annoying.


Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

spiderman far from home

This one just toes the line over garbage into almost decent territory. It’s certainly more entertaining, but somehow has even less action than the first movie, at least for Spider-Man. This movie focuses on Peter trying to figure out his spider sense, and his love life, which is odd. Homecoming ends with him being sad that his crush moves away, and this one starts with him being head over heels for another girl. Those raging teenage hormones. The last scene is pretty cool though.


Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

spiderman no way home

This movie is actually between good and very good. Tom Holland’s performance was excellent, and I didn’t want to rip my ear drums out for once. This movie is basically a love-letter to the Spider-Man franchise. The return of villains from the old movies being the big draw here, and is the only reason I ever would have watched this movie.

Again, it’s weak on action, though there is certainly a lot more of it. They focused much more on telling a story in this one instead of utilizing the villains to their full potential.

That being said, it is a thousand times better than the other two movies in this trilogy, but could have been so much more, at least to me. And does it really count if it’s good only because it takes characters from older Spider-Man movies to make it good? Hmm…


The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

amazing spiderman

This movie’s very good. Andrew Garfield is a wonderful actor and portrays Spider-Man greater than anyone. I don’t like how Peter and Gwen go from talking for the first time to madly in love within two or three scenes though, but it’s fine I suppose. Telling some mysterious story about Peter’s father is new and interesting too.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

amazing spiderman 2 movie poster

I really didn’t like this movie when I first saw it. But each time I’ve seen it, I’ve liked it more and more, so that now I think it’s better than it’s prequel. It’s very emotional, the Spider-Man scenes are incredible, the best out of any movie in fact, the acting is fantastic.

I realize why I didn’t like it at first though. It’s a very unbalanced movie. The first half hour is jaw-dropping. The second is very good. After that, it just becomes so many plots being developed and no Spider-Man and then suddenly there’s villains and Spider-Man again. We get one fight scene thrown in at the end, and bam, end of movie. Finally, after like seeing it for the fifth time, I really appreciate this movie.


Spider-Man (2002)

spiderman og

The movie that started it all. Almost 20 years later, it’s starting to age, but still ultimately holds up. The characters and their growth in this film, the absolutely horrifying green goblin, and all the emotional roller coasters make this a great movie.


Spider-Man 3 (2007)

spiderman 3

Initially, I was very disappointed with this film, but like Amazing Spider-Man 2, I like this one more each time I see it, and have now realized how good this movie really is. It’s very deep, very dark, and very intense. Just a heavy kind of movie, you know?

Truthfully, the only reason I didn’t like it at first was because I thought there was too many villains, which is so common nowadays that no one would think twice about it, and honestly, because Venom is my favorite villain ever and he’s in it for like 10 minutes. And the emotional drama/trauma going on was far too much for my 17-year-old-self to really relate to and understand. But as an adult, dang… So I apologize movie, you are truly wonderful!


Spider-Man 2 (2004)


For a 17 year old movie, this is still one of the best superhero movies of all time. It’s got drama, romance, and tons of action. The 2.1 cut is even better. Focusing on Peter wanting to live a life of his own so he could be happy, the world simply doesn’t allow that, as friend and foe alike try to kill him. I love it so, so much.

And there you have it. The Sam Raimi trilogy is truly wonderful. And that is because out of all those films, they balance them so well. There’s plenty of plot and character development, with plenty of Spider-Man scenes in between. That is what makes them so good. Unfortunately the MCU doesn’t seem to think it’s all that important to show their superheros doing superhero stuff, which to me, is the whole reason to see a superhero movie. Despite that, there’s hardly any character development at all in the MCU Spider-Man movies too. What are they doing? But I digress.

New Announcements From E3 2016

Well, another e3 has came and went. Overall I thought this one, like last years was disappointing, though there were a few new games that caught my interest, though definitely a record low for e3. There was also some nice gameplay shown for a few previously announced games, like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Friday the 13th, the Game.

But this post will be focused on all the new games announced this year, so here goes.

death strandingFirst off is Kojima’s first game since leaving Konami, called Death Stranding. There is a lot of buzz about this game on the internet, and frankly I don’t know why. The reveal trailer is highly uninformative of anything and looks stupid. Though they could have revealed more about the game other than the trailer by now, but I have no interest in looking into it.

Crash-Bandicoot-Activision-700x389.jpg.optimalCrash Bandicoot 1-3 are getting remasters.I’m kind of annoyed by this, as I just played through these games via PlayStation Store like 2 weeks ago, after purchasing them about a year ago. This is great for fans of the series who have been wanting to revisit these old classics, but I for one have no interest in looking into this remaster further. Plus, I’m just so sick of every game being remastered these days.

spidermanSpider-Man Ps4 is next, and though only a short gameplay trailer was shown, it looks fantastic. This is one of the few games announced this year that have caught my interest. I love the Amazing Spider-Man games that have come out in the last few years, and this looks like it builds upon that system. I can not wait, especially since it is not tied to a movie counterpart, thus free to do anything it wants within the Spider-Man universe. Really can’t wait for this one.

days goneDays Gone is another game revealed that I thought looked really good. Sony showcased a short demo, and it was just some poor guy relentlessly getting chased by hordes of zombies while doing his best to kill them and/or escape them. Looks like a lot of fun..

resident-evil-7-1-343x389.jpg.optimalAnother one I am interested in is Resident Evil 7, but not by the trailer which was shown, but simply because I am a huge fan of the franchise. The trailer itself depicts the game as being your run of the mill, first person survival horror that developers seem to constantly be pushing out these days. So far it seems like all you have is a flashlight and your wits to sneak around a mansion presumably filled with zombies. It’s a change for the series yet again, so it welcome to me, though it is not the direction I would have liked the series to go in. It will also be available for PS VR, the first game that I found myself actually wanting to use a headset for.

A new Batman Arkham game was announced for PS VR too, nothing exciting looking about it.

Final Fantasy XV will also be available in VR. Why?

Another VR game, Star Wars X-Wing Missions was announced. This could be good…

And to top off the VR sections, the steam VR HTC Vive will be getting Fallout 4 and the recently released Doom, two games that might be interesting .

God-of-War-PS4-2-1280x720A reboot of God Of War was presented with an almost 10 minute gameplay trailer. This takes place within Norse mythology and his son is still alive, though he will probably die at some point, sending Kratos on his quest to kill a bunch of gods, or his son will become the god of war he must destroy. Who knows? The game looks very different from every other game in the franchise, as it probably should, having a completely different setting and story, but it looks worse. The boos fight shown was underwhelming at best, and the combat took a few steps backwards, reminding me more of your typical slow combat like Dark Souls or Elder Scrolls, instead of the fast paced, brutal action that has kept fans of GoW keep coming back for more. Overall, I was disappointed by this game, but I will be getting it only because I love the franchise, just like RE7.

Trials-of-The-Blood-DragonTrials of the Blood Dragon, a combination of Trials Fusion and Blood Dragon was announced. I don’t know anything about either of those games, so I couldn’t tell you much about what this game has to offer. It didn’t catch my interest though. Looked like some dirt bike stunt game.

Grow Up, sequel to Grow Home was announced. If you like the first one, you’ll like this.

Just Dance 2017 for all platforms, no surprises there.

Steep. This game looks kind of dumb. You ski or snowboard or hang glide and the like while doing crazy tricks to show off to your friends. Big social focus point on this game. Not my cup of tea.

State of Decay 2 will be coming out next year. If you liked the first one, then I recommend this. I thought the first one was just okay, so I’m still on the fence about this one.

dead-rising-4-new-details-e3-2016.jpg.optimalDead Rising 4 looks like a hoot. It’s what you would expect from a game in this series. But man, it feels like the third one just came out. How time flies!

Forza Horizon 3 is coming out for all you car lovers.

A card game from the Witcher 3 is getting a separate release. People love their virtual cards these days.

fe-gameIndie game Fe revealed. Little monster runs around and kills other monsters.

FIFA 17 for all you soccer folks. Oddly enough, this has a story mode, which makes it stand out from the other 30 games in the series.

Following that is Madden 17. Do people still buy these games?

Prey, a strange, first person shooter/ psycho-thriller announced. Looks pretty good. This is added to my wish list, the last that I found interesting among all of these new games.

Oh boy, yet another online shooter…Quake Champions. It looks pretty good, but you know…it’s an online shooter.

Skyrim: Special Edition. Woohoo, another barely aged game getting a remaster. Nothing much changes at all from the original.

And that’s all the new games announced.

I’m looking forward to only four of them, a record low since I have been following e3.